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High Touch & High Tech: Using Tech to Enhance the Client Bond ⚡️

With all of the new “toys” available, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that it isn't the toys but the pet that we should be focusing on. If we look at these new high tech resources as aids to help us provide better care for our patients, they are no longer just tools but a means for pets to live more comfortable and happier lives.

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Nurse Clinics for Geriatrics: Assisting owners with the QOL evaluation 🦉

Do you run Geriatric Nurse Clinics in your practice? Do you want to start or refresh your current protocols? Beth will take you though why these clinics can benefit your patients, your clients and you, the veterinary nurse! Beth will talk to you about how to communicate before, during and after the clinic and how that can be continued beyond the clinic itself.

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Veterinary Fees: Valuing your professional services 🐶

Wondering whether you've priced your services appropriately and consistently for your clinical time? How do you ensure hard-earned profit isn't being absorbed by the current increases in energy costs, pay rises, equipment purchases and drug prices? How do you best engage with your clients should they challenge you about changes to your pricing structures?

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Veterinary Startups: Scaling without spending a penny 📈

We're kickstarting a brand new series based on Veterinary Startups – for those who are considering or have already built their new practice, this is for you! We'll be speaking to Practice Directors who have recently established their footing and want to share their experiences, with all the highs and lows of starting your own business.

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Co-Ownership 🤝 a new approach on how to run vet practices

You might have heard of Co-ownership in veterinary practices – some have described it as being akin to getting married (pass me the toothpaste, will you?). You might even be considering switching to a Co-ownership partnership, but need to hear more from practices that have successfully implemented this. We're collaborating with Pennard Vets, one of very few practices to be owned by an employee ownership trust, meaning their employees are shareholders and take a share of profits. Matt Flann and Caroline Collins will be joining us to share their experience of a Co-ownership clinic.

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Sustainability Within Your Veterinary Practice! 🍃

Certified ethical hacker and Veterinary IT Expert Jack Peploe will highlight how to effectively practice sustainability within your veterinary practice. As one of the most trusted professionals, veterinarians have a social obligation to be perceived as seeking to operate sustainably.

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New PetsApp features launch this month

We're updating PetsApp every week, so there's always a reason to get in touch to find out what's new. In this week's edition, we've got free 2-way SMS, message templates and team hand-offs, plus some extra goodies.

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Telemedicine in Private Practice | Watch on Demand

Veterinary telemedicine goes beyond the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease from afar. Veterinary teams have varying perspectives of the impact it could have on their day to day and how it could ultimately end up benefiting patients.

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Self-Care Isn't Selfish: Building Your Wellness Toolbox

Self-care must be a priority for veterinary professionals. In this lecture, we’ll discuss how to recognize signs of burnout in ourselves and our team. We will also discuss how to recover from burnout and prevention strategies, including the essential tools of boundaries and resiliency.

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