Flex Education: Becoming a Flexible Working Influencer 🤸‍♀️

You might not have thought about it this way, but any move towards greater flexibility in the workplace is a form of ‘change’ and if you can recognise it as this, then you’ll be better placed to make it happen successfully.

Exploring some of the behavioural science behind persuading others to ‘come on your journey’, this webinar will help better equip you for success - either as a leader of such a change or as someone looking to influence others to a different way of thinking

Key learning objectives:

🗝️ It's not just the type of flexibility you want in your practice thats important, it's also how you go about implementing it that's key

🙌 For any new approach to be really effective and sustained it takes both good management and good leadership

🧠 Behavioural science principles can help you influence your team and help achieve the outcome you need

Meet the speakers

Sarah Armstrong BVSc (Hons), MRCVS

Sarah is a vet and senior Human Resources professional with a broad commercial background and extensive experience of leading and facilitating organisational and cultural change. After a stint in mixed practice, Sarah spent her early career working in blue chip companies including Mars, Zurich Financial Services and Santander – holding management roles in sales, sector management and operations before moving into HR. She is passionate about improving performance through people and implementing this with a healthy balance of creativity and common sense. In capacities as HR professional, business leader and board advisor Sarah enjoys being able to live this passion out; managing a portfolio of work for many and varied clients where she helps them bring about sustainable change, improved commercial performance and a balanced home/work life.

Rebecca Maher

Rebecca is the founder and Managing Director of InsideMinds, a specialist consultancy applying behavioural science principles to veterinary businesses. Rebecca is a vet, qualified marketer, consumer psychologist and has over 18 years of commercial experience.

Human behaviour is much less rational than we think, being largely driven by our subconscious mind. Rebecca is passionate about helping veterinary businesses make the biggest difference to animal health by ensuring that clinical knowledge and technical skills are packaged up to speak to the subconscious drivers of clients’ behaviours, helping guide them to better decisions for patients. Find out more at www.inside-minds.com.

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