Effective Communication in Veterinary: Understanding Pet Owner Psychology 💬

Have you ever felt exhausted or frustrated as you try to guide clients towards the best decisions for their pets? Do you wish you could reduce the pain that your clients sometimes feel when it comes to discussing prices?

It’s important to understand that clients (just like the rest of us humans!) make decisions largely based on emotions, heuristics, biases and pre-existing habits.

In this session, Rebecca will help you get inside your clients’ minds, showing you how you can be more persuasive and guide them more easily. You’ll also learn how we perceive price, along with some simple tips to help your clients feel more comfortable with your clinic’s prices.

Key learning objectives:

🧠 Understand the key drivers of clients' subconscious minds

🏷️ Learn 3 tips to help clients feel comfortable with prices

😊 Learn 3 tips to be more persuasive

Meet the speaker – Rebecca Maher 🍄

Rebecca is the founder and Managing Director of InsideMinds, a specialist consultancy applying behavioural science principles to veterinary businesses. Rebecca is a vet, qualified marketer, consumer psychologist and has over 18 years of commercial experience.

Human behaviour is much less rational than we think, being largely driven by our subconscious mind. Rebecca is passionate about helping veterinary businesses make the biggest difference to animal health by ensuring that clinical knowledge and technical skills are packaged up to speak to the subconscious drivers of clients’ behaviours, helping guide them to better decisions for patients. Find out more at www.inside-minds.com.

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