The Best Digital Marketing Tools for Veterinary Teams

We've had so many clinics ask us 'what are the best digital marketing tools for veterinary teams?' and so we've put together a guide for you on the best digital marketing tools and features for you to incorporate in your clinic, that will leave both your veterinary teams and clients just wowing!

Reminders 🗓

First up are reminders. Supporting your clinic’s automated communications in a single tool, they increases compliance and positive engagements between your team and clients. Reminders are great for targeted campaigns and re-engaged clients you've not contacted in a while.

The pack have made setting up and managing this feature really engaging and fun.

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Loyalty Plans

Loyalty Plans 🏅

Build a strong and loyal customer base with the PetsApp's Loyalty Plans feature. Reward pet owners with points or stamps for repeat custom, compliance, and referrals.

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Wellness Plans 📈

If you're feeling it is time to transform your wellness plan adoption, which it is almost likely it is! You can grow your wellness plan adoption without your team lifting a finger using PetsApp's tailored wellness plan feature to grow your wellness plan adoption in seconds without your team having to lift a finger!

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CoPilot ✨

The Pack were the first globally to create an AI assisted veterinary communication feature. In doing so we put the power of AI into the hands of veterinary teams all around the world. Teams using PetsApp to provide high quality care are now able to do so even more quickly using CoPilot✨. And our latest findings are that not only do customer effort scores increase with the use of PetsApp's CoPilot, so do the level of positive engagements and purchases.

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Vaccine Profiles

Vaccine Profiles 💉

Your client’s vaccine history in the palm of their hands. Great for increasing compliance with an instant proof of vaccination for keeping track of their booster schedule.

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Write Back 🖊

A PetsApp community favourite. PetsApp Chat is a widely used and loved way for clinics to stay on top of their clients, but with clinics treating their PMS as the absolute source of truth for patient medical history, trying to incorporate the two practices meant tiresome and repetitive coordination between both tools.

Now Chat summaries and PDFs of PetsApp Chats are recorded in your PMS as soon as you close a Chat, keeping both systems in sync with no additional effort.

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Customer Lifetime Value Calculator 📱

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) is a vital tool for getting the balance between the needs of your clients and your business.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) is the total amount of money a customer is expected to spend with your business over the course of their relationship with you. That is of course if you manage and nurture that relationship well!

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If you'd like some additional learning around how to create the best patient advocacy tool kit, why not save a seat for our next continued learning session led by Dr. Thom Jenkins.

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