Loyalty Plans: A Guide to Doing Them Right

Loyalty Plans

The first of a series of micro burst sessions, learn how to foster customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and drive repeat business through offering a fully tailorable loyalty program that allows your customers to earn points with each qualified transaction they make within your practice. Available to watch on demand and needing less than 3 minutes of your time. let the pack help you get on your way to gaining back 3 hours every single day, increasing your revenue by +20% and reducing your missed call rates by as much as 85%.

Key learning objectives:

🔦 Learn how to become a 'Loyalty Leader': This quick guided session will show you how to effectively generate recurring revenue whilst also boosting client satisfaction.

📈 Boost Profits: Harvard Business Review's recent report on research conducted by Frederick F. Reichheld highlighted how the use of loyalty plans across multiple industries has seen businesses boost profits by almost 100% through simply retaining just 5% more of their customers by using loyalty plans.

Top hacks for retaining clients: Keep clients bonded to your clinic and stop them from 'shopping around' by learning how to launch your tailored loyalty plans right!

Meet the pack

With decades of experience within the veterinary and pet care communities, the PetsApp pack boast a whole variety of veterinary and tech professionals that have come together to build our all in one patient advocacy tool kit.

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Simply request to watch now and the pack will make sure to have this episode and anu others of interest sent out to you and your team ASAP.

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