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PetsApp Podcast - Veterinary Imposter Syndrome with Katie Ford

Imposter Syndrome is defined as when an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent, internalised fear of being exposed as a fraud. A common phenomenon among veterinary professionals. In this podcast, Katie shares her journey with us and her insight on how to beat imposter syndrome and get off the treadmill to nowhere!

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PetsApp Podcast - To Google is Human with Alison Lambert

Thom and Alison discuss how Covid-19 has turned the veterinary profession upside down. Yet lots of the changes we’ve rapidly adopted have brought benefits to clients and practice teams alike. So much so that we should be planning to retain the best bits of these new ways of working in order to further improve the customer experience. The world may have changed, but how clients want their care to feel has not.

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PetsApp Podcast - Vet Your Breasts

In December last year, Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, thanks to a poster, she found the lump early. Throughout Anna's treatments she has been working on the idea of putting up a poster in every veterinary practice and vet school changing-room in the UK to remind people to check themselves.

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PetsApp Podcast - Feline Patients and Virtual Care

Thom and Ellie discuss how Ellie decided to become a vet, and her journey to partnership at Castle Vets. We look at the challenges of being a clinic owner and a veterinarian, and explore the incredibly successful introduction of virtual care at Castle Vets. Finally, we discuss how virtual care is particularly relevant to our feline patients

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