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PetsApp Bingo

Big prizes to be won in this must-attend social event; stay tuned for the prizes you could win at PetsApp Bingo!

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Better Than Amazon: The Hidden Costs of Everything

Amazon is also known as “The Everything Store” because of its extreme breadth of range. Your veterinary clinic, though, is not an everything store. It’s the exactly-what-your-pet-needs store. and that’s your competitive advantage.

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Webinar - Is Your Business a Cat or a Dog?

Mutability has been in the news recently as we face the new coronavirus variant. However, mutability is as much the solution as it is the problem. It is an important factor in our response to this crisis, providing “resiliency for adaptation”.

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PetsApp Evening Demo #2

Join us - Tuesday February 2nd - for a PetsApp evening demo. Text Chat | Video Consults | Digital Payments | Appointment Booking | Campaigns & more!

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We're Sponsoring The Big Student Careers Fair!

Join the 1st Big Student Careers Fair built by Veterinary Students for Veterinary Students, with a little help from the team behind the Global Veterinary Careers Summit. Come and see where your veterinary career can take you! February 6th-7th, 2021

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20 Ways to Supercharge Your Pet Health Plan

Using examples from the most successful practices we’ll share more than twenty ideas you can use to supercharge your Pet Health Plan to create a more profitable, sustainable & fulfilling veterinary practice.

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Great Expectations

It can be hard to exceed expectations in veterinary medicine. Taking a blood sample? Owners will expect you to get it right-first-time. Running diagnostics? The expectation is that you'll get to the bottom of things. Presented with something broken? Send it back fixed or you'll disappoint. Fortunately, there is a secret to consistently exceeding expectations. Start by setting them.

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The Veterinary Influencer: Building a Social Audience

In 2020, the Internet seems to exist mostly to share content about animals. It’s a rare day that you log onto Facebook without seeing a new lolcat or good doggo. From the Twitter account “We Rate Dogs” to cats dressed as Batman, we are a nation in love with animals. For veterinarians, the Internet presents a ready-made audience and opportunity...

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Let's Get Our Priorities Straight

There's an anti-prioritisation trap in every veterinary clinic. It shortcuts the urgent, important tasks and jumps the queue on the high value, low effort activities. Sound familiar?

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PetsApp Podcast - Veterinary Imposter Syndrome with Katie Ford

Imposter Syndrome is defined as when an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent, internalised fear of being exposed as a fraud. A common phenomenon among veterinary professionals. In this podcast, Katie shares her journey with us and her insight on how to beat imposter syndrome and get off the treadmill to nowhere!

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