Navigating a Career in Veterinary: A Guide to Cultivating Your Own Opportunities 🔭

Join us for an engaging and informative CE-credited webinar featuring three renowned speakers in the field of veterinary medicine. Doctors Phil Richmond, Charlotte French, and Melanie Barham will share their expertise on recruitment, retention, career progression and personal development.

Whether you are a student, recent graduate or seasoned professional, you will learn how to equip yourself with the right tools to thrive in any veterinary career you chose to carve out for yourself while also fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for your own teams and colleagues.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Tips on exploring an alternative career path in veterinary
  • Owning your professional development and continued learning
  • The importance of inclusive recruitment
  • Where to find your community and support networks
  • Managing stress levels by creating safe psychological spaces
  • How to be a good mentor and why you need to send the elevator back down
  • Key insights to building a robust and innovative team

Meet the speakers:

Dr Phil Richmond (Florish Consulting) Dr Charlotte French (Improve International) Dr Melanie Barham (VSGD)

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