From Fear to Confidence: Navigating a Just Culture in Veterinary Practice 🐓

Have you or any of your colleagues ever experienced any of the following to a debilitating level in practice?

😟 Anxiety about clinical cases,

😟 Fear of making a clinical mistake,

😟 Inability to switch off after work as worrying about cases,

😟 Concerns over being judged negatively on your clinical ability by colleagues or clients

😟 Either practicing defensive medicine to cover all bases or reluctance to make clinical decisions out of fear of not getting it right?

Often, these feelings and behaviours can be the result of working in a profession that has historically tended towards a blame culture around mistakes and adverse events in practice.

However, evidence shows there is an alternative to this and it’s not a no-blame culture either!

In this webinar Jenny Guyat from will shine the light on an empowering alternative that can reduce anxiety, build confidence and learning and improves patient safety far more effectively.

Key Learning Objectives:

📜 Understand why blame culture has been prevalent historically, why it doesn’t work and what ‘Just Culture’ actually means

🧩 Discover what’s going on for us at a human emotional level that even sends us towards blame in the first place and why we need to understand this in order to move away from it

😊 Reveal what a Just Culture in practice looks and feels like, and how to create effective change in your own practice, whatever your role is in the team

Meet the speaker!

Jenny Guyat 🪸

Dr Jenny Guyat BVetMed MRCVS is a former ECC vet, an ICF-accredited professional coach and Trainer and Culture Lead at VetLed. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who also runs a coaching business and a glamping business.

After 7 years in clinical practice, Jenny began her diversification journey. She helped establish Pet Blood Bank UK before project managing the opening of 17 new Vets Now clinics in her role as Business Development Manager.

After a year as Head of Customer Development at Vets Now, she joined Vet Dynamics and spent 4 years coaching and mentoring independent practice owners before setting up career and life coaching business Vet Harmony in 2017. In April 2023 Jenny joined the VetLed team and is a trainer, coach and mentor on Human Factors in veterinary medicine.

She lives in Devon with her husband, daughter and 2 cheeky cats, and loves being by the sea! You can also catch Jenny and the rest of the VetLed team at this year's Human Factors Conference.

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