PetsApp News: Now Introducing PetsApp Loyalty Plans

Now introducing PetsApp Loyalty Plans. Foster customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and drive repeat business through offering additional value and thanks, via your own, tailored rewards plan. With the freedom to organize seasonal promotions to encourage repeat custom and even drive visits towards lower footfall periods.

The PetsApp Pack has created a scalable and fully tailorable loyalty program that allows your customers to earn points with each qualified transaction they make within your practice. Have an existing loyalty program that needs consolidating? Don’t worry, we will honor points already accumulated by your pet owners on other plans to facilitate you bringing them over and allowing you to house all your features in one, easy to track space.


  1. An outline of what loyalty plans are
  2. Bite sized masterclass with Dr. Jess on how to incorporate Loyalty Plans

What are Loyalty Plans?

Loyalty plans, also known as customer loyalty and rewards programs, are a great way to encourage clients to continue using the services you offer. The PetsApp Loyalty Plans feature allows clinics to reward their pet owners with points or stamps for their activities such as (but not limited to) repeat custom, compliance, and referrals. The primary goal, helping you to build a strong and loyal customer base and in turn increases your clinic’s customer retention while also boosting qualified sales.

“Veterinary clinic loyalty plans are well established in the US, and their value as a tool to enhance client loyalty, generate additional revenue, strengthen the community and provide valuable client insights is well documented. However, veterinary clinic loyalty plans are virtually unheard of in the rest of the world, and PetsApp is proud to be the first to launch loyalty plans globally”. -Nis Peter Lorentzen, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at PetsApp

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Types of Rewards You Might Like to Offer

PetsApp Loyalty Plans are fully tailorable by you; use pawsitivity paw stamps or numbers in your brand colors, it’s up to you! Loyalty Plans typically offer incentives to customers based on their purchasing behaviors. Types of rewards you might like to consider offering could be:

1) An Accumulative Points System: Whereby customers earn points for every qualified transaction they make. Redeemable against future appointment service and/or product fees.

2) Discounts & Special Offers: Loyalty plan members may receive exclusive discounts or special offers after collecting the set number of stamps or points you target them with.

3) Rewards: Celebrate patient birthdays or years of returned custom to show loyal clients how much you appreciate them.

4) Exclusive Access: A great way to promote wellness plan sign up by offering exclusive loyalty points exclusively for wellness plan members.

Are Loyalty Plans Worth it for Veterinary Clinics?

In short, yes! Simply take a look in your own wallet (apple or leather bound), I’d happily place a bet on the fact that all of us are loyal customers, collecting Christmas or Coffee points from at least one well known coffee house, supermarket or pharmacy. Because rewarded loyalty incentivises customers to repeat the purchases they need more frequently.

But ultimately as a practice you can reward and/or incentivize customer loyalty without driving down your sales or price points. And study after study has proven that it is far cheaper to retain existing customers through loyalty plans than it is to acquire new ones. With Harvard Business Review reporting on recent study ‘Loyalty Leaders’, a decade long piece of research conducted by Frederick F. Reichheld and outlining the ways in which the most successful businesses effectively generate recurring revenue and continued client satisfaction.

“The greater the loyalty a company engenders among its customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders, the greater the profits it reaps.” -Frederick F. Reichheld

The report suggests that through the use of loyalty plans companies across multiple industries have been able to boost profits by almost 100% through simply retaining just 5% more of their customers.

Where to Start

Our amazing Customer Success Lead Dr. Jessica May has put together a bite sized master class session on how to utilise PetsApp loyalty plans. For more sessions like this, please make sure to subscribe!

Loyalty Plans Master class

For more on how to incorporate PetsApp Loyalty Plans into your clinic or guidance on how to bring over an existing loyalty plan, speak to a member of the pack today.

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