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The most successful veterinary teams use PetsApp

Text and SMS chat, appointment booking, reminders, digital payments, video calls, AI-assisted communication (CoPilot), Wellness and Loyalty Plans, PetsApp has it all.

Used by thousands of veterinary professionals, 
across hundreds of clinics

Week 1

Everything is in one place — your team gets up to speed

Sync your PIMS data and message all your clients via SMS from day 1. PetsApp is as intuitive to use as any messaging app you’ve used before. But, we can train your team up if you want us to!

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Week 4

30-40% clients are onboarded by week 4, missed calls are down by 85%

Your team is handling messages instead of phone calls. Keeping the phone clear for emergencies. Your team can now take an hour for lunch!

Week 8-12

Wellness plan subscriptions boosted by 35%

Clients can feel the difference PetsApp has made — and they’ve told you. Their wellness plan feels more valuable now they get reminders and can book appointments online.

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Since we launched in January 2020, we've helped…

in transactions


save time for
veterinary professionals

…but don’t take our word for it

After introducing PetsApp, our missed call numbers dropped from an average of 1,400 across all sites per month to an average of 250

Caroline Collins, Vet & Director, Pennard Vets

How we're different better…

PetsApp gives you all the tools you need. All in one place.

Save time, grow your business, and delight customers.

Add on


Keep clients compliant with medication, and aware of appointments. Sent as push notifications, emails and via SMS.

Unlimited 2-way SMS and app messages

Clients contact you how they want — via SMS, your website or the app.

How we're smarter…

PetsApp and your PMS — in-sync with integrations

Pet and client information, reminders, and appointments all automatically sync with your PMS. You can contact every client in your PMS via PetsApp from day 1.

DVM Manager
ezvetpro by ezofficesystems

…and more!

+2,000 more

So, join the most successful veterinary teams, and start using PetsApp

We can get your account set-up and team trained within 1 week.
 Our team will be on hand whenever you need.

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Mobile Veterinary Practice: Top Hacks for Startups 🚐

Being a mobile/concierge practitioner is a very niche market, so there are always questions from colleagues and clients about the differences, and the benefits compared to a brick and mortar. From differences in expenses and in clientele - every visit is always an experience. Preparation prior to the appointment is key for a stress-free visit for the patient and client. Tools such as PetsApp and other advances with clear communication is what sets us apart, and keeps that family feel that clients are seeking and expecting from this special experience.