5 Best Veterinary Practice Management Software with Client Communication & Engagement in 2023

Guest blogger Sean MacKay breaks down his top 5 Best Veterinary Practice Management Software (PiMS) with Client Communication & Engagement in 2023.

It’s widely accepted that there is a global veterinary shortage, with some studies suggesting that by 2030, an additional 40,000 vets and 133,000 vet technicians will be needed in the US alone.

So how can practices get more efficient to serve more patients whilst improving client retention rates through engagement & communication?

Technology of course.

But more specifically, the ability to enhance communication and engagement with clients to free up vital resources to carry out work only they can do.

Stick with me as we dive deep into the Best Veterinary Practice Management Software that offers all that and a whole lot more.

Benefits of Veterinary Practice Management Software

Veterinary Practice Management Software that focuses on client communication and engagement has a stack of benefits for all sizes of vet clinics.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits you could get:

Appointment SchedulingStreamlines the booking process, reduces manual errors, and ensures efficient time management
Client Communication (Text, SMS, Chat)Enhances client engagement, reduces missed call rates, and ensures timely responses to pet owner queries.
AI-Driven Automated ResponsesProvides instant, consistent, and engaging answers to common queries, reducing the workload on veterinary staff.
Campaigns and Marketing TemplatesEnables clinics to engage clients through newsletters, in-app promos, and seasonal text push notifications, simplifying marketing efforts.
Digital Payment SystemEnables instant and remote payments, streamlining the payment process and improving the client experience.
Wellness Plan SubscriptionImproves pet care compliance, increases revenue opportunities for the clinic, and offers competitive rates for pet owners.
Reminders (App, Text, Email)Ensures pet owners are reminded of essential appointments, reducing no-shows and maintaining pet health.
Home Delivery for Prescriptions and FoodsProvides convenience for pet owners, ensuring timely delivery of essential items directly to their doorstep.

What is the Best Veterinary Practice Management Software?

With so many options out there, it can be tough to weed out the good ones, from the bad!

So here is our round-up of the best practice management software that will help your clinic become far more efficient whilst improving your client communication and engagement.

PetsApp home

1. PetsApp

PetsApp is a veterinary communication and client engagement platform. It uses a hybrid clicks-and-bricks approach to keeping vets at the heart of the pet care journey. It helps to filter and surface the various needs of pet owners to either a digital solution or into the clinic, without bogging down your phone lines. With the world’s first AI-enabled veterinary communication system, it has a whole lot to offer to get more efficient with your client communication. Recently also including wellness and loyalty plans to their offering too.

"After introducing PetsApp our Missed call numbers dropped from an average 1,400 across all sites per month to an average 250." - Caroline Collins, Vet & Director at Pennard Vets.

Top Features

- Unified Platform: Streamline operations by consolidating multiple apps and platforms, with PetsApp integrating seamlessly with a clinic's PMS system

- Text & SMS Chat: Address the 92% of pet issues often overlooked by pet owners by offering immediate digital communication, reducing missed call rates by around 85%

- AI CoPilot: Ensure timely and engaging responses to client queries, even during peak times, without overburdening the veterinary staff

- Appointment Booking: Simplify the scheduling process, preventing phone line clogs and ensuring both vets and pet owners have synchronized reminders

- Automated Reminders: Boost pet owner compliance, reduce missed appointments, and ensure essential pet care needs like dental check-ups and worming aren't forgotten

- Digital Payment System: Offer pet owners the convenience of instant and remote payments, eliminating wait times and the need for physical cash

- Wellness & Loyalty Plan Subscription: Enhance pet care compliance, unlock additional revenue opportunities for clinics, and provide pet owners with competitive rates and comprehensive care coverage

- Campaigns & Templates: Engage pet owners effectively with newsletters, in-app promotions, seasonal text push notifications, and a library of ready-to-use templates for various campaigns

- Home Delivery: Ensure pet owners receive their pet foods and prescriptions conveniently and on time, right at their doorstep

- Video Messaging & Tele Consults: Enhance client communication by offering video updates, post-op sign-offs, and teleconsultations, streamlining the discharge process and accommodating pet owners' schedules.

User Experience

PetsApp has been designed to be as intuitive as possible with a modern, clean user interface. The main functions are shown on the left-hand side. Once selected, the details you need to carry out the task are shown in the center of the screen.

PetsApp dashboard

The use of colors throughout the screens along with the white space makes it simple for busy vet professionals to find what they are looking for straight away.

PetsApp mobile

The PetsApp mobile app is one of its key strengths. It combines the complexity of patient care with simple client communication features so you can inform and communicate with your clients in a familiar way.

"PetsApp makes my life easier because the people aren't stressing and it offers a better level of customer service... I love it, it makes my life easier and is a wonderful selling point for any practice to have. I would highly recommend it to anybody, even those that are not tech-savvy. It's very simple and great for your nurses and reception teams. It cuts down the amount of phone calls we have... I love it!" - RVN Kate, Edhen Vets



Pricing starts at $220 per month. It is based on the number of veterinary practices and the number of vets that will use the platform. There is no charge for clients to use the app, this is a free download from the Apple or Google app store.


Capterra review

Here’s a round-up of the most recent client reviews from across the web.

It’s great for younger team membersThe healthcare plan needs some tweaking to maximize the benefit
Easy to use and feedback with clientsHave had some struggles with animal filming
Clients love its simplicity
Good for relaxed animal assessment
Hugely beneficial for business growth


PetsApp is a rounded communication and engagement platform that offers all the features you will need to communicate and engage with your clients as they now expect in this tech-driven world.

While many other systems offer chat features, the AI-driven automated response system that ensures timely, consistent, and engaging answers is a standout feature of PetsApp.

Add on the unique marketing campaigns and templates that are ready to go, you can save your team a ton of time and increase your market share, whilst still providing superior client care.

If that sounds worth checking out, then book a demo to see what all the fuss is about!

2. Covetrus AVImark

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 14.35.07

Avimark is a comprehensive veterinary practice management solution designed to streamline operations and enhance client communication.

It offers a patient electronic medical record register and diagnostic features but also offers a suite of communication and engagement functions, from appointment scheduling to wellness plans. Avimark ensures efficient practice workflows and improved patient care.

Top Features

- Automated Messaging: Boost compliance and engagement by reaching out to clients with timely and relevant automated messages.

- Online Reputation Management: Monitor and manage your clinic's online reputation, ensuring positive feedback and addressing client concerns proactively.

- Mobile Applications: Run your practice efficiently on-the-go, ensuring seamless client communication and management with robust mobile apps.

- Wellness Plans: Offer bundled essential services with flexible payment options, ensuring pets receive comprehensive care while keeping clients informed and engaged.

- Note Templates: Store consistent client communication templates, ensuring uniform and efficient messaging to pet owners.

- Task Management: Assign and track client-related tasks or requests, ensuring timely follow-ups and enhanced client satisfaction.

- Integrated Payment Processing: Offer easy and compliant payment options for clients, streamlining the billing process and enhancing the client experience.

User Experience

The user experience isn’t the best here. It's an old-style, tabular form design that could do with an update!


Once you know how it works though, it works well. The menus are accessible and the color coding of records really helps to identify the critical information at a glance.


Covetrus doesn’t provide public pricing information. However, looking at verified reviews and feedback from users, it looks to start at around $10,000 per year but is dependent on the features taken, integrations needed and level of training required.


Capterra 4.1

Here’s a round-up of the most recent client reviews from across the web.

Responsive developers to suggestionsProgram hasn’t evolved much
Excellent support and availabilityNetwork dependence and Wi-Fi issues
Ease of use and improved efficiencyPhone number area code issues
The quick learning curve for new membersCannot repeat block-offs on same day
Easy data retrievalOmissions in security and inventory


Covetrus AVImark is a mainstay in veterinary software with its all-round nature. It has some solid client communication functions as well as features like medical records management and inventory management.

But if you have those things sewn up then the enhanced communication and engagement features may come at a cost.

3. PetDesk


PetDesk is a neat software package, specifically designed to enhance pet owner engagement. With a suite of tools ranging from automated patient reminders to a highly rated mobile app, PetDesk streamlines the veterinary practice management process, ensuring efficient communication and improved client retention.

Top Features

- Automated Reminders: Reduce missed appointments and enhance pet care compliance with timely notifications.

- Appointment Requests: Simplify the booking process, allowing clients to request appointments anytime, reducing phone line clogs.

- Highly Rated Mobile App: Offer clients a seamless experience with a top-rated app, ensuring consistent communication and easy access to services.

- Health Service Reminders: Ensure pets receive timely care by notifying owners about upcoming health services, boosting compliance.

- Payments: Streamline the payment process with digital solutions, offering convenience to pet owners and ensuring timely revenue collection for clinics.

- Two-Way Texting: Enhance client communication with real-time texting, addressing queries promptly and improving client satisfaction.

- Customized Loyalty Program: Reward loyal clients, encouraging repeat visits and fostering a sense of community.

- Mass Messaging: Efficiently communicate important updates or promotions to a broad client base, ensuring everyone stays informed.

User Experience

PetDesk has a modern and clean user experience which makes it easy to navigate and find what you need quickly and easily.

The left-hand side contains the menu of features and at the top of the screen, you will find useful search and filtering related to the records you are viewing.


There is also an easy-to-use and intuitive mobile app for your clients. They can book appointments, chat with you, and receive alerts.



PetDesk offers 4 levels of package. The Starter package starts at $99 per month but only contains the most used feature requests - think appointment requests and reminders.

Scaling up to Premium will add all the bells and whistles such as practice acceleration and loyalty program features.

PetDesk doesn’t provide pricing above the Starter package.

Petdesk Pricing


Capterra 4.7

Here’s a round-up of the most recent client reviews from across the web.

Useful for appointment schedulesClients can easily cancel appointments accidentally
Effective for medication refillsLimited character count for client text communication
Excellent client communication, especially textingSyncing issues with practice software
User-friendly with an awesome appIntegration setup can be challenging
Outstanding customer serviceLimited integration with certain PMS systems
Delayed data updates between systems

“I can’t imagine life without a client-facing app like this. I mean, I know we existed without one before, but I don’t remember those days. I don’t think I want to remember those days!” - Michelle King COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, ANIMALIA


PetDesk is a solid choice for client communication software. The system and features are highly rated and work well across the board.

It lacks a little in the ability to deliver out-of-the-box marketing campaigns and tele consults. There are also many reviews that suggest the integration into their PMiS has challenges.

If these aren’t factors for you though, then you won’t go far wrong with PetDesk.

4. Vetstoria

Vetstoria homepage

Vetstoria is a system suitable for veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, and all types of practice. The solution is designed to enhance client engagement and streamline clinic operations.

With a suite of digital tools, Vetstoria empowers vet practices to offer online appointment scheduling, telemedicine consultations, online payments, and effective digital marketing strategies. All this ensures a seamless experience for both clinics and pet owners.

"People are booking continuously on Vetstoria. It's cut our phone calls by at least 60%. Clients find it very easy to use and are loving it!" - Martin Brice, Owner & Veterinarian

Top Features

- Online Booking System: Simplify appointment scheduling for pet owners with 24/7 online booking, reducing phone call burdens and enhancing client satisfaction.

- Telemedicine Consultations: Offer remote consultations to clients, ensuring continuous care without physical visits, ideal for follow-ups and minor concerns.

- Online Payments: Provide a hassle-free payment experience for clients with secure online transactions, reducing in-clinic payment times and enhancing convenience.

- Digital Marketing Tools: Engage and attract more clients with effective digital marketing strategies, from Google Ads to Facebook campaigns, driving clinic growth.

- Integrated Platform: Vetstoria seamlessly integrates with existing PMS systems, ensuring a unified experience and streamlined operations for clinics.

- Client Communication: Boost client engagement with automated reminders, notifications, and personalized messages, reducing missed appointments and enhancing compliance.

User Experience

The screens across Vetstoria are modern and easy to use with a familiar feel across the whole application.

It has useful metrics, charts, and graphs as well as simple drag-and-drop features for appointment scheduling.


The main ‘home’ screen can be a bit busy when trying to navigate around in a hurry. Nothing you won’t get used to but may mean things take slightly longer to begin with and training new staff might take a bit more time.



Vetstoria offers 4 pricing packages, based on how many practicing clinicians you have on your team. For a small team of 2, it's $249 per month and a larger team of 5 comes in at $449 per month.

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 17.59.37


Capterra 4.8

Here’s a round-up of the most recent client reviews from across the web.

Clients appreciate the straightforward booking.Lacks a necessary questionnaire feature.
Intuitive and user-friendly interface.Initial setup hurdles.
Prompt responses from customer support.Setup process can be time-consuming.
Enhances overall client engagement.Restricted slot customization options.
Streamlines appointment and payment processes.


Vetstoria is an awesome client communication platform that does what it does, very well. If you only need appointment scheduling, payments, telemedicine, and digital marketing then this could be the one for you.

If you’re looking for more advanced and rounded communication and engagement, then it would be worth checking out other vendors on the list first.

5. Weave

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 18.01.00

Weave offers an all-inclusive veterinary software solution focused on improving client interactions and optimizing clinic workflows. With features ranging from automatic appointment reminders to online scheduling, Weave ensures that both clinics and their clients experience seamless interactions, leading to improved pet care and business growth.

Top Features

- Missed Call Text: Automatically send custom text replies for missed calls, ensuring clients always receive a response.

- Automatic Appointment Reminders: Ensure clients are reminded of upcoming appointments and vaccinations, optimizing clinic revenue and pet care.

- Automatic Recall Reminders: Promote consistent pet well-being by reminding clients of necessary check-ups and services.

- Call Pop: Display relevant client and pet information during calls, including upcoming appointments and account balances.

- Online Review Management: Boost your clinic's reputation with automatic review requests post-appointment, enhancing online presence.

- Payments: Offer versatile payment options, from in-person to remote text payments, ensuring timely revenue collection.

- Online Scheduling: Efficiently manage appointments with quick-fill lists and manual scheduling integrated within Weave.


weave pricing

Weave offers 3 packages, each providing a step up in features. The Essentials comes in at $279 per month and the Pro at $349 per month.

There is a limit on text messages you can send for each package so make sure you really analyze how many text messages, including bulk text messages you will want to send now and in the future.


Capterra 4.1

Here’s a round-up of the most recent client reviews from across the web.

Excellent mobile app featuresCostly with occasional functionality issues
Patients appreciate text response featuresSome features are inconvenient to use
Simplifies communication with the officeDifficult to cancel the contract
Easy setup and straightforward useIssues with patient photos being altered


Weave is one of the top contenders for appointment management and patient reminder features. It serves other appointment-based small businesses like dentists and so excels in this area. For more advanced engagement and communication features, it is lacking in comparison to the competition.

What to Look for When Buying Veterinary Practice Management Software?

When diving into the world of client communication and engagement-led veterinary practice management software, it's essential to prioritize features and benefits that will genuinely enhance your clinic's operations.

Here are the top five things to consider:

- Unified Communication Platform: Ensure the software offers a consolidated platform for all client communications, from appointment reminders to post-visit follow-ups. This not only streamlines operations but also ensures no client communication falls through the cracks.

- Integration with Existing Systems: The software should seamlessly integrate with your clinic's existing Practice Management System (PMS). This ensures a smooth transition and prevents potential data loss or miscommunication.

- Client Engagement Tools: Look for features that enhance client engagement, such as automated messaging with intelligent responses, two-way texting, and mobile applications. These tools can significantly reduce missed appointments and improve overall client satisfaction.

- Digital Payment System: In today's digital age, offering clients the convenience of instant and remote payments can set your clinic apart. It eliminates the need for physical cash and speeds up the checkout process.

- Customizable Features: Ensure the software allows for customization to fit your clinic's unique needs. Whether it's adjusting reminder templates or setting up a loyalty program, having the flexibility to tailor the software to your clinic can be invaluable.


Navigating the world of veterinary software can be overwhelming, especially when juggling multiple client communications, appointments, and clinic operations. Yet, in this digital age, the right software can truly become a game-changer for your practice and overall business growth.

Thankfully, with the best communication and engagement tools, your clinic can transition from manual processes to automated, streamlined operations. This shift will not only save you and your staff time but also enhance the overall client and patient experience.

However, for your clinic to truly thrive and stand out, you will need the best software in the industry. With PetsApp, you will be able to engage in immediate digital communication with your clients, give vital time back to your veterinary staff, and lead the way with the most advanced veterinary AI communication tools available - with much more still to come!

Ready to elevate your veterinary practice? Schedule a demo with PetsApp today and experience the difference firsthand.


What computer software do vets use?

Veterinarians use a wide range of specialized software. This includes tools for clinic management, electronic patient records, diagnostic imaging, and lab integration. Popular choices include PetsApp, AVImark, and Vetstoria. These platforms are designed to enhance the efficiency of veterinary practices, from appointment scheduling to patient care and billing.

What is Veterinary practice management software?

Veterinary practice management software is an integrated digital solution designed to streamline the operations of veterinary clinics. It encompasses functionalities like appointment booking, electronic health records for animals, billing and invoicing, inventory management, and client communication. The primary goal is to enhance the clinic's efficiency, improve client-pet care, and optimize the overall workflow.

What scheduling software do vets use?

Veterinarians often turn to specialized scheduling software tailored to their unique needs. Platforms like PetsApp, Vetstoria, and AVImark offer features that not only allow easy appointment booking but also send reminders to pet owners, reducing no-shows. These tools integrate with other clinic systems, ensuring a seamless flow of information and efficient time management.

How many types of veterinary software programs are there?

There are multiple types of veterinary software programs available, each catering to different aspects of a veterinary practice. These include:

- Practice Management Software: For overall clinic management, billing, and electronic medical records.

- Appointment Scheduling Software: To manage appointments, send reminders, and reduce missed visits.

- Client Communication Platforms: Tools like PetsApp that enhance communication between the clinic and pet owners.

- Telemedicine Software: For virtual consultations and follow-ups.

- Diagnostic Imaging Software: To manage and interpret diagnostic images like X-rays and ultrasounds.

Each type aims to enhance a specific facet of veterinary practice, ensuring comprehensive care and efficient operations.

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