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Quality, Cost & Convenience: Understanding the New Veterinary Business Model

This week Dr. Thom Jenkins explains how getting the balance between quality, cost and convenience can revolutionise a clinics understanding of just how competitive their veterinary business model can be. # Back to The Future In 2007 hoping to piggy back on to the ever increasing trend of 'pets', a group of marketers decided that the future of pet care was going to be robotic pets. Companion pets that wouldn't get sick, need walking or ever throw up on your pillow. However, fast forward just over 15 years and a global pandemic it turns out that there's something intrinsic to picking up the faecal matter of another species that we humans find therapeutic!

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Carving Out Your Own Career in Veterinary

A common theme this month has been the need for change within veterinary when it comes to how we recruit and retain our veterinary teams. With lots of talk both around how to attract the right candidates as well as how to carve out your own career in veterinary that is bespoke to you.

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AI: 5 Implications for Veterinary Professionals

Never has the field of veterinary medicine evolved as fast as it was forced to over the past decade. Much like the veterinary industry, the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly growing. In today’s blog post, using insights from the pack we discuss 5 implications for veterinary professionals and the people and pets they serve .

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Maximise Client Retention Without Increasing Team Workload

It’s that age old question; how do we get more, without doing more? But could it be that the greatest hack there is you already have in your arsenal? Mastering pet owner communication through utilising reminders is a great way to get yourself in front of your clients without having to physically place yourself in front of them!

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Client Data and Privacy: Does PetsApp Own Your Clinic Data?

As more and more clinics switch to a hybrid online-to-offline offering to better serve their clients, fear around access, use and even ownership of private data has understandably also increased. As both service providers and service users it is good practice to maintain a high level of vigilance in protecting both your own privacy and the privacy of others. To address these concerns around client data, privacy, and ownership of clinic data the PetsApp pack have come together to create this easy-read article on client data and privacy to give you full clarity around permissions and data ownership.

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From Transactions to Relationships: Embracing the Membership Economy

Moving from transactions to relationships means shifting from a transactional way of doing business, where the primary focus moves from a one-time exchange of goods or services for money, to a more engaged approach, where the goal is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients, often through the use of memberships or subscriptions.

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How to Use Tech to Enhance the Client Bond

How to use tech to enhance the client bond has become a hot topic in recent years and never more so than within the pet healthcare industry. In a recent webinar with PetsApp, Peter Weinstein the executive director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and a veterinary coach at Simple Solutions for Vets discussed how to use tech to enhance the client bond.

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New PetsApp features launch this month

We're updating PetsApp every week, so there's always a reason to get in touch to find out what's new. In this week's edition, we've got free 2-way SMS, message templates and team hand-offs, plus some extra goodies.

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Mastering the Art of Employee Feedback

Would you rather discuss an employee’s performance and behavior at work or be the one assigned to restrain the hissing, spitting fractious cat? Many veterinary employers may prefer the feral cat—we’ve got protective equipment and drugs that can help manage that. When it comes to giving employee feedback, we don’t have the same protection. It can be awkward, uncomfortable, and emotional. But feedback is essential to maintain an engaged, productive team.

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This is what your veterinary team is looking for

It’s become increasingly clear that the most important stakeholder to serve is your veterinary team. A lot of strategic initiatives are greeted with skepticism by practice teams - what new reason has been invented for us to miss lunch or not to get out on time? To overcome this skepticism, we should better communicate the “what’s in it for me” to veterinary team members - a question they have every right to ask and still don’t ask often enough.

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