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We’re doggedly determined to make veterinary care purrfect.

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Our benefits

Our pack members enjoy…

Stock ownership

Our success is your success. We think you should have a share in that.

Flexible working

Enjoy catnaps? No problem. We trust you to know when and where you'll do your best work.

Remote first

With digital tea breaks and virtual townhalls, you can work remotely without feeling remote.

25 days holiday

Fully rested and recharged employees do their best work. So take a break!

Training budget

Hone pre-existing skills or branch out to other areas that can help push us all forward.

& more…

Chat with us to learn about all the perks enjoyed by the PetsApp pack.

Our values

What we value in our people

Constructive candour

If you're in the PetsApp pack then there's a reason for that. And the reason wasn't for you to keep your opinions to yourself.

Creative problem solving

Finding connections between things that no one else sees. A preparedness to fail for the sake of success.

Flexibility & mutability

Cat naps are fine here. But, we also need people that can evolve to changing needs and priorities.

Servant leadership

Leadership is helping others achieve more than they ever thought they could.

Collective autonomy

We pick work that we're passionate about. And we're passionate about work that best helps the team.


Great teams are all about give-and-take without having to keep score.

Transparency & trust

Great ideas often start from a place of vulnerability. You'll only feel comfortable making yourself vulnerable among people you trust.

Our team

The PetsApp Pack

Dr. Thom Jenkins, CEO

Will Monk, CTO

Abdi Maye, Software Engineer

Alex Dale, Senior Account Executive

Claire Cameron, Customer Success Manager

Connie Stableford, Accounts + FinOps Associate

Hamza Busuri, Software Engineer

Hishimasa Matsunaga, Marketing Designer/Growth

Jerica Tarquinio, Customer Success Manager

Dr. Jessica May, Customer Success Manager

Jordan Hogge, Sales Development Representative

Kevin Costa, Chief of Staff

Naomi Oikonomou, Head of Marketing

Nis Peter Lorentzen, Head of Global Business Development

Ollie Monk, Software Engineer

Prem Bitkowski, Software Engineer

Ricky Sussams, Customer Success Manager

Sam Robinson, Product Manager

Rory Higgins, Account Executive

William Cornwell, Sales Development Representative

Trina Yau, Software Engineer

Radosław Kobus, Software Engineer

Ziggy, Chief Snack Operator

Pikachu, Head of Nap Time

Our location

Wherever you do your best work

WeWork Offices

No matter where you work from, we have WeWork Global Access for pack members so you can work productively anywhere!

The home office

…or sofa, or bed, or bathtub

Coffee shop

…or airport, or park bench

A bit of everything?

Most of us have!