PetsApp Achieves Cyber Essentials Plus Certification: As Continued Commitment to Pets and Practices Alike

PetsApp, is proud to announce its recent Cyber Essentials Plus certification, a testament to its continued commitment to providing secure and reliable services to its customers and the pets they serve. The Cyber Essential Plus certificate is only awarded to companies proven to have the highest standards of cybersecurity.

What is Cyber Essentials Certification?

Cyber Essentials Plus is a government-backed cybersecurity certification scheme designed to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats. By achieving Cyber Essentials Plus certification, PetsApp has demonstrated its adherence to fundamental cybersecurity practices, ensuring the highest level of robust security measures to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of all those they serve.

What Does a Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Mean for PetsApp Users?

The Cyber Essentials Plus certification means that PetsApp aligns with industry best practice and regulatory requirements, needed to meet the necessary standards for data protection.

"Achieving the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate is not just a validation of our commitment to cybersecurity; it's a promise to our customers that their trust is well-placed. This certification, represents our dedication to ensuring a secure digital environment for all our community." - Will Monk, Cofounder and CTO, PetsApp

PetsApp's Continued Commitment to Excellence

The PetsApp pack is dedicated to providing exceptional pet health services that prioritise the security and privacy of its users. PetsApp hopes that in becoming Cyber Essentials Plus certified, they will set the benchmark for others in the digital veterinary community to follow.

PetsApp's Cyber Essentials Plus certification marks a significant milestone in the company's journey. As pet owners and vets alike continue to rely upon a more hybrid clicks and bricks approach to care, championed by PetsApp. Leading the way for other digital service providers, PetsApp aims to stand as a beacon of trust and reliability, ensuring that the veterinary community benefits from technology without compromising their security.

Through this certification, PetsApp reaffirms its promise to always deliver secure, convenient, and trustworthy services, making the well-being of their community’s people and pets its number one priority.

PetsApp Cyber Essentials Certified

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