PetsApp Podcast 🎙 Tips For Successfully Implementing New Practice Management Systems

In this episode with Jack Peploe and Mathew Wood, we discuss the increasing interest of veterinary practices in adopting new technology and practice management systems. They dispel common myths surrounding online booking systems, highlight the benefits of technology in improving practice efficiency, and emphasise the importance of education and customisation.

The episode provides valuable insights and tips for successfully implementing new systems, showcasing the advantages of embracing technological advancements in veterinary practices.

Jack Peploe 🐶

Jack is a Veterinary IT Expert and Certified Ethical Hacker, who has worked alongside the veterinary sector since he set up his first business aged 16. He has made it his mission to help veterinary practices across the UK utilise their technology so that they can function in a secure, professional, and efficient manner, leaving vets to focus on patient care.

Mathew Wood 🐱

Mathew joins us as Sales Director of Provet Cloud, the cloud-based veterinary practice management software, making life at the practice easier through the enhancement of client and care processes.

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