PetsApp Podcast 🎙 Finding the Right Fit: Bridging the Gaps Between Clinics & Candidates

Ella Snowball 🐶

With over 20 years experience in recruitment, within veterinary Ella's daily mission is to utilise her wealth of experience to help match candidates to roles that will not only enhance their career paths but also the businesses that onboard them.

Recruit4vets is the Market leader for Locum and Permanent Veterinary recruitment in the UK. Only working with the best-experienced candidates and quality clients in today's episode Ella discusses how she strives to continuously create excellent working relationships that are ongoing and not just a one-off fix!

Octav Buzoianu 🐱

Octav is a Lead Talent Partner with a proven experience of building R&D teams for hyper growth businesses. His specialty lies in international technical recruitment, creatively sourcing candidates across any skillset & seniority. Now 4 weeks in to his mission to expand the PetsApp pack across its multiple global remits his super power lies in identifying brilliant candidates using a variety of channels like LinkedIn, combined with a mix of sourcing hacks, tricks and tools.

Joining forces with Ella today, Octav breaks down where he sees key trends forming and where veterinary should be looking for inspiration when it comes to creating competitive, yet effortless recruitment campaigns.

Octav Buzoianu

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