PetsApp Podcast - Experience Engineering for Veterinary Clinics, with Kate & Howard, Village Vet

"Awful experience. Receptionists were rude. The vet was uncaring, and i left none the wiser as to what was wrong with my pet. Avoid this practice."

Ooft, not a review you'd want to see for your clinic - especially when it's accompanied by a one star and put on display for the whole world to see.

What can we learn from thinking about clinics from the end-users perspective - the pet owner - and what does top quality veterinary service look like? Join Thom, and this week's guests (Howard & Kate, from Village Vet) as they discuss how best to offer a sterling customer experience.

They also discuss their journey in veterinary medicine, how customer expectations have changed, and how their team stay in touch with their community over the pandemic.

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