Veterinary Teams and Pet Owners Prefer PetsApp: Client Reviews of PetsApp

With text and SMS chat, appointment booking, reminders, digital payments, video calls, AI-assisted communication (CoPilot), wellness and loyalty plans, CRM campaigns, meet ups and user groups it's not difficult to work out why the most successful veterinary teams and dedicated pet owners love PetsApp; it has it all! But don't take our word for it. We caught up with vets across the UK, EU and US at one of PetsApp Together community meet ups, to discuss exactly how they use it and why their veterinary teams and pet owners prefer PetsApp.

Why Do Veterinary Teams Use PetsApp?

"Why would you just not get in there get started and see what it (PetsApp) can do for you?... We started using PetsApp when it first started... It just gives that whole modern feel to how the practice working, with better, easy communication. It cuts out all those awkward phone calls. And it just allows us to engage in a better way!"

Collette from Pennard Vets in Kent

"It has made the client journey smoother and easier. And keeping our clients happier is ultimately what we want to do. They can book an appointment and get to us in under 2 hours."

Verity from Hook Norton Veterinary Group, in North Oxfordshire.

Why Veterinary Teams and Pet Owners Love PetsApp

PetsApp Client Engagement Makes You Feel Closer

"My favourite things is that it allows you to have a different relationship with your clients, they'll talk to you and ask you questions over PetsApp that they wouldn't otherwise ask you in person. It helps you actually to build a bond and feel a lot closer to them. People are quite jokey on PetsApp... You can use emojis which makes it light hearted. It helps make a bonder that is a lot stronger than a temp consult."

Rachel from Edhen Vets in Devon

"It reduces phone calls to reception is a really big pull, it (PetsApp) means that the receptionists are not just constantly answering the phones they can liaise with clients and be more readily available which is really helpful."

Selina from Chalkland Vets in London

PetsApp Automations

"My favourite thing is the automation. I like anything that is client targeted and doesn't require veterinary team input. So anything where we can support the work of the vet and veterinary nurses and receptionists without them having to spend time and energy doing something that supports our overall business. This is something I've not seen in any other product!"

James from Harrison Family Vets in Didsbury

Text and SMS Chat

Doing an average of 50 chats per week, Edhen vets love PetsApp so much they've made it a big part of their client journey.

We use PetsApp for absolutely everything!

           "We use PetsApp for absolutely everything!"

Automated Reminders

"We did reminders before, using our PM system and actually what we found when we transitioned to PetsApp, is that the automated reminders are so much more efficient than our PMS that we were too efficient and we've had to tone back the amount of reminders. So I'd say it has 100% that it has benefited our clients they are not over due for vaccinations or flea and worming treatments and we just appear much more on the ball than we were before."

Verity, Hook Norton Veterinary Group

"Triaging, the pre op post op, all of those automated reminders just make it a smoother process and saves, I just can't think how many phone calls it's saved!"

Collette, Pennard Vets

See for Yourself

For more user testimonials on PetsApp why not check out our case studies page. Or better still why not book a free consultation with one of our pack experts to see how you can save 3 hours every, single day for your team while also increasing your revenue by +20%.

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