National Pet Month: The Pets Behind the Pack

National Pet Month (April 1st- May 1st) celebrates and raises awareness of responsible pet ownership through educational campaigns and resources. Fully supported by the pack who have come together to collectively celebrate pet ownership as they know first hand the many benefits of a life shared with a companion animal.

The pack embrace the joy and companionship that their furry friends bring into their lives. Being pet parents bonds us as a pack on our mission to help as many pets gain access to better, more accessible health care, world wide.

The Cat Pack

Cat Dads

Cat's seem to definitely be a product pack thang, with cat parents including Masa, Ollie, Prem and Abdi - all part of our product team.

Team Dog

Team Dog

Cozying up on the couch with their wonder muts are pack members Nis, Claire, Jerica, Will C, Will M and Sam. But is it true, do dogs resemble their owners?!

Multiple Pet Mamas and Papas

As well as 4 small humans Cofounder and CEO Dr. Thom Jenkins has a cat called Addy, a rescue pup called Becki and a garden full of wild turkeys, who seem to have taken roost on his lawn since Thanks Giving; they obviously heard he is a vegetarian!

Dr. Thom and Becki the dog

Based in Greece, our Global Growth and Community Lead Naomi has a menagerie of pets with a bee hive, a dog called Baloo, 2 cats (Rosie and Pikachu) and 3 chickens (Henrietta, Red and Bluey) she also helps out at the local stables with minature ponies Omar and Popi being her secret favourites.

Whether they have fur, feathers, or scales, pets hold a special place in our hearts, enriching our lives in countless ways. But let's not forget to extend our gratitude to the dedicated veterinary teams, animal shelters, and rescue organizations who work tirelessly to ensure the well-being and happiness of all animals (us included as an extension of our pets). Their compassion and commitment make a world of difference to all our lives.

So here's to our beloved pets, our faithful companions, and our cherished family members. Happy National Pet Month! 🐶🐰

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