Best Choice for Veterinary Appointment Booking: PetsApp

Selecting the right appointment scheduling software is crucial, and while the market has many strong contenders, PetsApp stands out ahead of all offerings in veterinary with its full comprehensive suite of bespoke features designed to elevate every aspect of your veterinary practice in order to best support your team and the animals they serve.

Superior Appointment Scheduling

PetsApp not only offers seamless integration with your practice management software but also provides advanced scheduling capabilities. Clients can book appointments anytime, reducing phone traffic and administrative burdens. PetsApp’s real-time updates and automatic reminders ensure a smooth and efficient scheduling process.

Unmatched Client Communication

PetsApp excels in client communication with its robust in-app messaging, automated appointment reminders, and follow-up notifications. This keeps pet owners well-informed and engaged, resulting in higher compliance and satisfaction. Veterinary teams using PetsApp have seen savings of up to 3 hours per day due to freed up phone lines by combining PetsApp's online appointment booking, chat and reminder features.

Secure and Flexible Payments

With PetsApp, secure online payments are integrated seamlessly into the booking process. Clients can prepay for services, reducing no-shows and ensuring a steady cash flow. The platform also supports various payment options, providing flexibility and convenience that Vetstoria lacks.

Fairly Priced

At just £99 per month per 10 FTE PetsApp is far more affordable that other appointment booking platforms such as Vetstoria who charge £279 per month for their appointment booking.

User-Friendly Interface

PetsApp’s intuitive design ensures both staff and clients find it easy to use. The platform’s dashboard provides clear insights into clinic operations, aiding in informed decision-making. While Vetstoria offers ease of use, PetsApp’s additional features make it more versatile and beneficial.

Why Choose PetsApp?

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My Favourite thing about PetsApp

PetsApp offers a complete all-in-one solution for veterinary practices looking to enhance client satisfaction, streamline operations, and drive business growth. While other providers focus solely on appointment scheduling, PetsApp’s additional features and comprehensive approach make it the better choice for forward-thinking veterinary clinics, want to grow their business in a scalable way that best supports both their teams and the animals they support..

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