Utilising Your Clinic’s Social Media: Everything is Content

Last week pack member Naomi led a well received talk on content generation. Utilising your clinic’s social media platforms is key when wanting to up your offline to online game. The number one hack? Realising that absolutely everything is content!

Going viral is easier than you think. But it’s more than views and likes you want to generate when creating content for your clinic. Understanding who you’re targeting, where to engage them and why is the key to creating highly valuable content that will drive your clinic’s business whilst also advocating for both its team and customers.

That’s all well and good, we hear you cry, but where do we find the time? When it comes to using social media platforms your success is hugely reliant on being in the right place, with the right people at the right time. Allocate coverage to the right team member and then together work out which platforms best represent your target audience.

Which Social Media Platform Does What?

When it comes to finding the right social media fit for you, your success is hugely reliant on the right platform. Although Facebook was where everyone originally congregated, most people now frequent other platforms depending on what information they need to search for. In the simplest terms the individual social networks best facilitate the following:

Facebook Brand Awareness & Community

Twitter Customer Support & Trending News

Instagram Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

LinkedIn Professional Guidance, Recruitment & Networking

Pinterest Driving Website Traffic & Increasing Sales

TikTok Sharing Tips & Generating Lifetime Advocacy

Content Creation

As many platforms as there are for your social media coverage, it is good to note that you do not need to be everything to all of them. Understanding where to post your content and how to repurpose it, will dramatically reduce the amount of time you need to allocate to creating and curating. In fact the amount of content you can generate from one, single video is about as long as a piece of string! Yet, it's not solely about quantity, but also about enhancing the accessibility of the content. A brilliant way to do this is to add captions to your videos. Subtitles offer your viewers another mode to engage with your content, making it more accessible to non-native speakers or the hearing impaired. You can use tools such as VEED's auto subtitle generator, which provides accurate and timely subtitles, further enhancing the viewer's experience and interactions. It's also a great way to repurpose your content across different platforms that cater to different audiences, adding another dimension to your outreach strategy.

Content is everywhere and in everything you do, as long as you capture it. Allocating one day a month to capture highlights from your team will help you to start generating a long term library of evergreen content.

To get the best out of what you capture and share consider, scheduling your posts ahead of time so that you can create a consistent rotation of reliable posts that your peers and pet owners will want to search for. Use the 4W’s and 4E’s to help structure your copy and hook in your viewers.

Who is in the post and who are you aiming it at? > Always tag collaborators.

What are you doing and what topics can you tag? > This will optimise your post’s searchability.

Why are you doing that? > Your best hook is people’s ability to relate and bond to the topics you post about.

Where are you? > Use Geo-tags to connect your post to a place or venue.

Learn what topics your audience wants to be Educated on and the kind of posts most likely to Engage them. Next mix up your posts with shareable content that will Entertain and Emotionally move them.

“A simple rule of copywriting is to evoke emotions. If we were talking about pizza, we would tell you how soft the bread is, how wonderful it smells, how the toppings look and taste.” -Rank Math

Planning Your Content

Content pillars can help you to break down the purpose, style, and types of content you will create, as well as determine why and how you’ll share that content.

You want to aim for around 3-5 pillars. Then slowly build up the content that you schedule, so that you can layer in ‘real time’ coverage to give an ‘Always Present Online’ perception without actually having to always be present online.

Next divide your content into ‘news-based’ and ‘evergreen’ content. News based content is your content relevant to all the latest trends and stories happening now. Evergreen content however, can be scheduled into a yearly rotation; ie ‘Tips for Pets During Guy Fawkes’, or ‘Christmas Foods to Avoid Giving to Your Dog’.

Lastly try to get as many different pieces of content and posts from each video and image you take. For example one video could generate the following:

1) Story coverage.

2) Multiple static posts.

3) Several carousel posts.

4) Reels, TikTok and YT shorts.

5) Sound bites.

6) Collaboration.

7) The base of a blog post.

8) Event promo or Ad content.

9) Info to include in your latest newsletter or emailer.

Smart social media coverage can help to boost your client's advocacy by offering them continued, gentle guidance on best practice and when best to come into clinic.

For more info on how to generate content, including how to boost your Wellness Plan coverage and Home Delivery sign ups through social media email: naomi@petsapp.com

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