The EQ Advantage: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Innovation in Veterinary Culture 🐙

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Examples of skills that emerge from high EQ and its dimensions include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship management

Understanding your own emotions is a great way to develop stronger levels of EQ. Having a good level of Emotional Intelligence is key for leaderships roles and the ability to innovate. EQ can help individuals build stronger people skills, be better connected to their teams and more open to creative thinking.

Having a good level of EQ is not only about having the ability to recognize your own emotions but also realising how your emotions can affect others. Learning to notice your own emotional triggers will ultimately help you to both better manage the way in which you communicate but also your ability to understand the reactions of others, to effectively resolve conflict as efficiently as possible.

This webinar will show how practice leaders can connect with their teams in order to make their team more open to innovation and change.

Takeaways: How to...

😌 Better understand the 4 dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and their place in practice 🤝 Leverage your own EQ to develop stronger people skills 🌊 Generate innovation through better connected, more in-sync teams

Meet the speakers

Olivia Oginska

Liv Oginska is a veterinarian, speaker, positive psychology coach, a certified workplace conflict mediator and an emotional intelligence specialist who... “speaks Human”. Since 2010, Liv has been immersed in a global veterinary community, completing multiple externships in the UK, North America and Australia. In 2016, when she graduated as a veterinarian from the university of Poland, she pursued a veterinary career in the UK. That is also where Liv gained experience and credentials in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and conflict mediation, so that her passion for human wellbeing and interpersonal dynamics could be fully developed.

For the last 3 years, Liv devoted her veterinary career to supporting both individuals and the veterinary teams (especially leaders) in becoming more human-savvy.

While contributing most of her time to consulting other veterinarians, Liv still works as a part-time clinician, so that she can fully comprehend the complexity and the emotional demands of the clinical roles. In the future, Liv’s work can be carried to the organisations that are (or would benefit from becoming) aware of the immense impact of that intra-team dynamics have on the wellbeing of veterinary teams, as well as their performance and the business's success.

Sophie Eaden

Dr Sophie Eaden graduated from Bristol University in 2013 and has spent most of her career in equine ambulatory practice. A passion for supporting those who are struggling in their veterinary career lead to Sophie training as a Personal Performance Coach, which is something she hugely enjoys alongside her relatively new role in the final year teaching team at Surrey Vet School. Being elected on to the British Equine Veterinary Association Council last year has given Sophie opportunities to further disseminate what she has learnt from both coaching and teaching through speaking, podcasts and articles.

She has a certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace and is just finishing her coaching diploma alongside a Trauma Informed Coaching Certificate.

Sophie is also partial to a bit of cold water therapy, something she has found particularly useful to aid her own emotional regulation. You’ll often find her in the rivers and seas of Devon, UK at any time of year.

Sonja Olson

Dr. Sonja Olson grew up in Maryland, USA. She graduated from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine with a focus on exotic animal and conservation medicine. Her professional path led to over 25 years of practicing clinical small animal and exotic emergency medicine.

Dr. Olson’s full-time role currently is Veterinary Wellness Educator for the BluePearl Health & Well-being Team and Founder of Heartstorming Wellness - both roles support veterinary associates more globally through podcasts, writing, speaking, & creatively collaborating with other like-minded souls in the creation of workshops and other initiatives.(

Current Certifications: Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Compassion Fatigue Educator, Mindful Meditation Instructor, AVMA Well-being in the Workplace Workshop Facilitator.

Pending Certifications:

  • Trauma-Informed Care – Understanding Empathic Strain and Secondary TraumaticStress (September 2023)
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety (July 2023)

Author: “Creating Well-being and Building Resilience in the Veterinary Profession: A Call to Life” (available now in both print and online versions; Audible version now available as of April.

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