Lessons from 75,000 Virtual Care Interactions

The current context has forced the adoption of new ways of delivering veterinary care with little opportunity to train, prepare or establish best practices.

In this webinar, we explore the why, the what and, importantly, the how of virtual veterinary care drawing on data from over 75,000 interactions on the PetsApp platform.

We will also discuss the appropriate extent of digitalization, and how to use technology to deliver a joined-up online-to-offline veterinary care experience.

What's covered?

  • Constructing complete online-to-offline customer, employee and patient journeys
  • Exploring asynchronous vs synchronous virtual care opportunities, and implications for capacity utilization improvements
  • Integrating digital payments to monetize previously un-monetizable touchpoints
  • Collecting and responding to pet owner feedback with a design thinking approach
  • Freeing your teams from the tyranny of the telephone, while facilitating seamless communication and collaboration

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