Cultivating Cultures that Unmask Imposter Syndrome

Key learning objectives:

  • Understanding imposter syndrome in our teams.
  • Looking at positive steps to create an encouraging culture.
  • Tips for mentoring those experiencing imposterism.

Imposter syndrome is rapidly becoming the topic of conversation within the veterinary profession, but in many cases is still the elephant in the room; even the most accomplished team members may be experiencing internal voices of doubt, inadequacy, and comparison. How do we create a culture that feeds self-confidence and brings teams together, rather than individuals feeling like they don't deserve to be there? In this session, Katie will give a brief overview of imposter syndrome and its believed origins and drivers, and then explain some of the actions we can take as mentors and leaders, not only to support those doubting their own achievements but create a culture that unmasks imposter syndrome. This will be an interactive session with the opportunity for Q&A.

Katie Ford speaker

Katie is an experienced small animal vet, having graduated from Liverpool in 2012 and gaining her RCVS Certificate in Internal Medicine in 2017. She became passionate about opening conversations up around imposter syndrome following her own experiences in the veterinary profession, and subsequently trained as a certified coach, completed further study in cognitive behaviour therapy, and published a series of books. Katie grew a following of over 16,000 across social media, is an international and keynote speaker, both in the vet profession and beyond. She is passionate about empowering members of the profession both on an individual basis and working with companies on topics such as gratitude, self-worth and navigating imposterism. She prides herself on being authentic, empathetic and real when speaking with audiences of all sizes.

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