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How Wallace Vets Claimed Back 9 Hours A Week With PetsApp

Wallace Vets See Their Total Number of Missed Calls Drop By Almost 300 in Their First Week with PetsApp

Almost 300

incoming calls saved...

9 hours

of essential team time saved...

1 day

gained back and allocated to focusing on face to face interactions...


increase in team satisfaction!


Caring for Their Clients Since 2004

Wallace Vets opened their doors in 2004 when Jim Wallace had a view of offering high quality, totally independent veterinary healthcare for all pets at an affordable price. Over the years this ethos has helped them grow into a thriving multisite business across Dundee and Angus.

However, as their business grew so did the number of incoming calls from both potential and existing clients needing anything from a quick enquiry or food order to critical care and emergency prescriptions.

The week before launching PetsApp, Wallace Veterinary Centre was receiving as many as 1,300 calls a week. After only one week of using PetsApp the Wallace team's incoming calls had dropped below the 1k mark!

The result?

9 hours of the team's time free'd up. 9 hours that no longer needed to be dedicated to triaging phone lines and instead could be better placed on face-to-face interactions and messaging in between.

"From a sales perspective, both of these weeks were near identical, which makes the above information even more impressive."

- Graham Duff, Operations Manager, Wallace Vets

And it's not just Graham and the Wallace team that are reaping the benefits of working smarter with PetsApp; find more case studies here.

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Prior to their PetsApp onboarding Wallace Vets could easily receive over 1300 calls in any given week!