The Friday Night “Dermatological Emergency” – Really · with Dr Sue Paterson

Skin disease can be severely debilitating and can affect the quality of life of both the pet and the owner. However, what an owner perceives as an emergency is not always the same as a true emergency. This presentation will discuss how to triage dermatology cases to differentiate between those that are concerning for the owner but where virtual help and advice can be beneficial versus the true dermatological emergencies that need urgent attention.

Watch this free veterinary webinar, where we're joined Dr Sue Paterson (Virtual VetDerms) to uncover more information.

Key learning objectives

  1. Learn about the diseases that owner consider to be urgent but do not need to be seen immediately
  2. Learn how to manage pruritic skin disease safely but virtually until a client can be seen face to face
  3. Learn the different types of diseases that can present as true dermatological emergencies
  4. Learn how to approach true dermatological emergencies

About our speaker

Dr Sue Paterson has been a dual Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and European College of Veterinary Dermatology specialist in Veterinary Dermatology for more than 20 years. She is a Fellow of the RCVS awarded for her contributions to clinical practice in the field of Veterinary Dermatology. Sue was until two years ago a Veterinary Director of a large veterinary hospital group in the North West.

Since selling the practice she has established a telemedicine advisory service and is passionate about making specialist veterinary advice accessible to both veterinary surgeons and the public. She has written seven veterinary dermatology text books, including three on ear disease, a subject on which she is considered to be a world authority.

She has written more than 90 refereed publications in English, European and American journals and lectured all over the world, in more than 30 countries.

She is an elected member of RCVS Council where she is Education Chair and Council lead for sustainability. She is a past President of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology and currently sits on the Board of the World Association of Veterinary Dermatology. She is a trustee of Battersea Dog’s home and a supporter of StreetVet.

Sue lives in Cumbria has two children and in her spare time enjoys nothing more than long walks across the fells with her two Labradors (and husband) Saffron and Thornton.

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