'appy vets! How apps can help support veterinary teams

The veterinary profession is facing an unprecedented recruitment crisis, whilst the number of pets across the world grows. It's a tough story to tell - but one that digital solutions can help with.

Join us for this free veterinary webinar, where we're joined by digital experts from across the profession to discuss how apps and online friendly systems can help augment your existing services to give your team some much needed relief, whilst being better able to meet the needs of pet parents.

Our panellists are:

Thom Jenkins (CEO & Co-Founder, PetsApp)

A vet by training, PetsApp CEO Dr Thom Jenkins led innovative veterinary groups in the UK and abroad for years. He was also the inaugural Chair of VetForum and advises companies looking to make a positive impact on society. Thom has a mini zoo at home with 3 kids, a dog and cat called Addy. Mountain gorillas are his second favourite animal at age 8 he set up a not-for-profit called The Gorilla Club.

Victoria Johnson (CEO, VetCT)

Victoria is co-Director of VetCT, a vet to specialist #teleconsulting company established in 2009. After a period in general practice, she moved into the field of veterinary diagnostic imaging and became European diploma holder in 2003. Whilst she now works in a predominantly specialist environment, she remains passionately interested in helping vets at every stage of their career- whether that be students, new graduates, advanced practitioners, residents or specialists. She is currently working on developing solutions to better connect different groups of vets with the aim of better supporting all #veterinary professionals in delivering optimal patient care.

Anthony Chadwick (CEO, The Webinar Vet & Simply Vets)

Silvia Janská (CEO & Co-Founder, Innovetting & Flexee)

Silvia obtained a BSc in Veterinary Science and a MSc in Wild Animal Biology prior to graduating with a vet degree from the Royal Veterinary College, U. of London in 2014. Throughout her 8-year education at the RVC, she also worked at the RVC e-Media department on various tech projects that enhanced student learning.

Silvia is the founder of Flexee, a venture exploring flexible working for permanent vet employees.

However, she still works as an ambulatory equine vet, and consults for animal health start-ups via Innoveting. On the volunteer side, she is a SPVS Ltd board member, and a member of the Greener #Veterinary Practice working group for VetSustain.

__Key learning objectives

  1. Where is the vet profession at currently with regards to modernisation through digitalisation
  2. How do these digital improvements help the individual vet/team/practice and by extension their pet owner client
  3. Describe ease of use of such digital innovations
  4. How do you ensure the expectations are matched between user and provider

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