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How HomeVets Improved Efficiency with PetsApp

Based in the Greater Baltimore and Howard County areas, we spoke with the HomeVets team on how PetsApp has played a part in their clinics...


Reduced Call Rates with PetsApp

by almost 100%

PetsApp Helped Reduce the Workload for The HomeVet's Team

"PetsApp increased our efficiency 10 fold"

- Aimee Brulatour, Practice Manager

Significantly Reduced

Time Spent on Calls

Starting out with just 1 vet, Shawn Budge of HomeVets gained popularity fast as he offered high-quality veterinary care in the comfort of a pet’s own home. With tailored made to measure care it wasn't long before Dr. Budge realised he was going to need a few more vets and techs in his team to keep up with demand and maintain a high level of service.

As the team grew so did their number of land lines, which would ring off the hook, with the veterinary team taking appointments at all hours of the day and night. Pretty soon the joy of their initial success, soured slightly as it began to feel like burn out was inevitable.

Enter Practice Manager Aimee Brulatour

When Aimee came onboard she worked with great determination to remove the land line system; which she pinpointed as the main source of inefficiency and team energy consumption. Aimee eventually managed to facilitate removal of all lines bar one, by managing the appointment booking herself via SMS text messaging.

"This was an improvement at first, but then I slowly found myself texting my life away!" says Aimee.

With Aimee being the only filter for incoming client request, the clinics were still communicating in the same way they had via the phone lines, with no set expectations for pet owners on when to call or when to expect a call back by. In fact it had become common practice for the team and then Aimee to give an immediate response, whether that be for an emergency case or a simple nail trim or dental enquiry.

With a little research Aimee discovered PetsApp and was instantly sold on the hand-off feature.

"PetsApp has increased our efficiency 10 fold. It is so simple to use and works really well! We're not an emergency practice and should not be taking those kinds of calls and actually with A-sync chat, pet owners get to drop their thoughts as they think them into the chat box and they're quite happy for us to respond to them, later the next day. Meaning we've both happy clients and team members!"

                        - Practice Manager, Aimee Brulatour, HomeVets

And it's not just Aimee and the HomeVets team, veterinary teams across the globe are reaping the benefits of using PetsApp. That's why the most successful veterinary teams use PetsApp, with text and SMS chat, appointment booking, reminders, digital payments, video calls, wellness plans and now introducing payment write backs, PetsApp has it all!

About Dr. Shawn Budge - Managing Veterinarian / Partner


Dr. Shawn Budge is a veterinarian based in Towson who was born and raised in Maryland. He is known for his compassionate and devoted care of his patients. Additionally, he has received praise for his ability to explain various treatment options to his clients, so that they can make the most informed possible medical decisions for the health of their pets.

About Aimee Brulatour - Practice Manager


Our PetsApp Champion, Aimee was born and raised in Maine surrounded by animals including dogs, cats and horses.

She has spent the majority of her adult years traveling the country and following opportunities that have allowed her to learn and grow in the veterinary industry and its communities. She came to HomeVets in 2021 with over twelve years of experience in the veterinary industry!