Why is there a vet shortage? How to find and keep them in your practice 👀

Jocelyn is the owner of a practice in regional Australia and the founder of Smooth Operating Vets. In this session she will discuss why we have a veterinary shortage and how to deal with it.

We will look at the changes in the demographics of the veterinarians over the last 40 years and analyse why this has had such an impact on the number of veterinarians all over the world.

We will look at ways to encourage and enable experienced, top-class vets to return to the career that they love and ways to retain these vets. There are vets out there wanting to return to work, but in a workplace that reflects the fundamental needs of our modern day veterinarians.

Key learning objectives:

🐛 Recognise that the change in demographics of our profession has been happening for 40 years

🦋 Understand the changes that are needed to adapt to the fundamental needs of this modern veterinarian

🌞 How changes in the management of the workplace will provide the opportunity for experienced, dedicated vets to return to practice and bring their best selves to the practice

Have you met Jocelyn Birch Baker BVSc (Hons)? 🦘 Founder, practice owner, veterinarian, mother.

Jocelyn has experienced many areas of the vet profession since graduation in 1983. From the beef cattle industry to mixed and small animal clinics. She has held positions on National and State Boards and Committees.

As the Owner of High Street Veterinary Surgery, Jocelyn has hands-on, day-to-day experience in today’s veterinary marketplace. She understands the complexities of running a profitable practice while having an excellent lifestyle for herself and every team member.

Recently Jocelyn won the Australian Veterinary Association, Veterinary Business Group, Thought Leader Award. This is given to individuals that have challenged the status quo, stimulated industry debate or become forces for change in response to challenges facing the veterinary profession.

Jocelyn speaks at conferences and on podcasts and webinars. She talks about how we as a profession must change our workplace systems to keap our fantastic veterinarians in the clinical space, because 80% of our vets are women with a different career structure than the traditional one.

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