Making lameness video consults work

Talk summary

Lameness consultations in small animal practice always present a challenge but are an even bigger test when they have to be carried out remotely when it is impossible to physically examine the patient. However, with the correct approach these can be delivered allowing a competent assessment to be made of a lame pet using remote consultation. The critical element for success involves adapting the consultation to the media available and using a system which enables the collection of clinical information in a time efficient fashion. We have developed a structure that we feel optimises the interaction with the client and improves the ability to use video consults to make a good assessment of a pet’s lameness. Will this replace the ‘in person’ consult, and allow you to diagnose every partial cruciate tear using only a mobile and good WiFi?… no, of course not. But, if you follow this approach, you will be able to better assess your patient’s lameness, and optimise your treatment choices for ‘Lockdown Lameness”!

The aim of this webinar is to discuss ways of improving the remote consultation process and to outline a system for remote assessment of a lame patient comprising 7 distinct elements:

  1. Lameness Assessment Part 1
  2. Remote ‘Meet and Greet’
  3. History
  4. Lameness Assessment Part 2
  5. Virtual ‘Physical’ Examination
  6. Possible diagnosis
  7. Management suggestions and plan

This systematic approach allows a good evaluation of the clinical problem despite the lack of a physical exam and uses video media to best advantage in lameness investigation. We believe that this will not only allow proper assessment of lame patients in the current lockdown but is equally appropriate to carry forward and enhance the consultation process once we return to a more normal working situation where we can include physical examination. The world has changed in the last year and we have had to embrace new skills in our clinics. We must use these new skills to improve our clinical practice and meet new client expectations as we move into a new era of digitally enhanced medicine.

Speaker bios

Ross and Stuart


RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery

Ross graduated from Glasgow University in 2001, gained his BSAVA Certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2014 and RCVS Advanced Practitioner status in 2015. Ross is a partner in The Pets’n’Vets Family in Glasgow, where he leads Roundhouse Referrals surgical team, widening access to Advanced Veterinary Surgery in the West of Scotland through innovative services such as ‘Fixed Price Fix’ TPLO+ surgery. Working within the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital, Ross is familiar with the challenges and reward in effectively supporting owners and treating pets with osteoarthritis.

Professor Stuart Carmichael


Professor Stuart Carmichael has a wide experience as a specialist clinician in orthopaedics and in veterinary business management. He is Diplomate, a past Specialist and current Fellow of the RCVS. He has been Director of both Queen Mother Hospital and Small Animal Hospital at Glasgow and Associate Dean for Clinical Services at Glasgow. He has also been National Referrals Director at Vets Now Ltd and business partner at Fitzpatrick Referrals Ltd. His charity duties have included acting as Board member and Chair of International Cat Care and he is a current Board member of Blue Cross. He is also currently running a Veterinary Professional Consultancy Business, Joint Adventures Ltd. and is also Director and Co-founder of Aim-OA Ltd., providing web-based Disease Management System for chronic osteoarthritis in dogs. He is also a visiting Professor at University of Surrey.

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