Veterinary Leadership: How To Become An Inspirational Leader 🦁

The veterinary industry is shifting in a big way. Being a veterinary leader carries more responsibility than ever, and people’s expectations of their leader are bigger and clearer than ever. A new kind of leadership is critical to the future of the profession. The leaders of today have massive influence over what happens next but a lot is required from leaders professionally and personally to have that influence. Firstly, you will no longer be accepted and respected as a leader simply due to a job title. “Good enough” leadership is no longer acceptable. “Great” leadership is no longer acceptable. “Inspirational” leadership is what’s required of you now, and in order to show up as an inspirational leader you will need to take bold and courageous action in your physical environment, as well as your internal world. Your impact as a leader will grow as quickly as you do. It’s time to be the change you want to see in the profession. It starts with you.

In this webinar, we’re going to look at the 5 key ingredients for inspirational leadership and some top tips on how you can get started mastering these areas today:

  1.   Time, Energy, and Flow
  2.   Identity, Values, and Authenticity
  3.   Structure, Focus, and Accountability
  4.   Becoming a Recruitment Ninja
  5.   Self-Mastery

Key learning objective: Leaving you with a deep understanding of the paradox that “leadership is not about you, yet it’s all about you”, so that you can start becoming the inspirational leader the veterinary profession needs you to be, today!

Meet Rachael Paul ✨ Rachael is the founder of Simply Veterinary Coaching.

She has been working with the veterinary profession for 9.5 years and has an intimate understanding of the lives, careers, and minds of veterinary professionals. She is the owner of a veterinary headhunting firm, and also specialise in professional and personal growth coaching for leaders in the veterinary profession.

Her clients are typically Senior/Lead Vets, Clinical Directors, and practice owners, managing teams of 10+ people.

She is known for helping veterinary leaders raise their self-awareness to a whole new level so when you are under that magnifying glass that leadership puts you under, nothing gets in the way of you creating a happy, inspired, productive team, and a successful and highly regarded veterinary practice. The results you want to see from your team start with you. Leaders Grow First.

She now facilitates those big shifts within veterinary leaders so that they can better understand themselves and others, transform their potential as a leader, and remove any barriers to success and fulfilment for themselves and the team they serve.

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