Veterinary Fees: Valuing your professional services 🐶

Mark Colton, a veterinary practice leadership and operations coach, will be looking at all things pricing during this webinar, including how and why, in general, the profession has got itself into a difficult situation where pricing is such a frightening consideration for so many practices. The background in the profession that has brought us to this point, the difficulty that many feel, and why. He will share ways to look at the pricing in your individual practices to appreciate your charging needs, and charge appropriately and consistently for your clinical time.

The webinar will also cover ways to ensure that all colleagues are charging consistently and how you can enable others to see their true worth, improve confidence in those undercharging and use technology to support you.

We will look at the costs that are attributed to the day-to-day running of a practice, as well as how to ensure your hard-earned profit isn’t just absorbed by the current increases in energy costs, pay rises, equipment purchases and drug prices.

It’s not an easy topic to consider when you are at the sharp end and with your clients every day, particularly when there seems to be a train of thought that animal medicine is expensive and vets are exploitive.

Mark will also address how to best engage with your clients should you have any challenges, and how to empower your colleagues to ensure they are confident in their conversations about changes to your pricing structures.

Finally, Mark will discuss the challenge of Internet Pharmacies and potential ways to overcome any difficulties you may be facing.

Key Learning Objectives:

🌟 How to encourage you to review your professional services in a positive manner as an income stream for the practice

💰 How to develop a better methodology for pricing strategy

🤗 How to enable you to ensure everyone in the practice is comfortable with the price structure

Meet Mark Colton 🐶

Mark Colton has been working around the UK Veterinary Profession for 12 years. During that time Mark has become an acknowledge expert in ‘operational delivery’ and ‘leadership’ in both the private and corporate sector. Senior roles in Vets4Pets, VetPartners and CVS, and with VetDynamics in the private sector have ensured a thorough understanding of the market. Market leading Practice Software publishers RxWorks were led through their acquisition by Henry Schein during Mark's employment there as GM for EMEA and the USA.

Mark has contributed articles to trade journals and lectured at major UK events. And remains a popular contributor for City financial investors seeking a thorough understanding of the Veterinary Sector in the UK.

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