Urgent: Fold Hill Foods recall several cat food products because of safety concerns

Fold Hill Foods is taking the precautionary action of recalling several hypoallergenic cat food products because of safety concerns.

Cat owners are being advised to return food made on behalf of retailers by the manufacturer, Fold Hill, as a precaution. Product brand names include; by Sainsbury’s, Applaws and AVA.

Information for veterinary professionals can be found on the RVC website.

A list of all the products can be found on the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) product recall notice.

Thom Jenkins, CEO of PetsApp says: “It has been distressing to hear of the rise in feline pancytopenia cases from colleagues. The health of all animals is core to our mission at PetsApp. We plan to do everything we can to help our partner clinics inform their clients in order to minimise the harm to feline health.“

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