The smarter way to chat - PetsApp Web and Widget now launched

Vet clinics exist to help pets. The profession’s primary focus is animal health, and at PetsApp that’s been our defining mission too. We want to increase access to professional veterinary care by improving the way vets and their customers connect.

One of the ways we aim to do this is to reduce the bottleneck at reception - freeing your teams from the shackles of phone calls and emails to offer an even better customer experience.

Our latest enhancements have aimed to lower the barrier to access to pet health care. A major point of engagement is your clinic's website - and now, PetsApp can upgrade your digital shop-window to supercharge your patient communications.

PetsApp Widget now allows you to register new clients straight from your website - as well as take payments, book appointments, and onboard new customers.

We use the PetsApp Widget to encourage clients to sign up with us, and onboard existing clients to PetsApp. It helps when we are short on team members to onboard a number of new clients in real time, in quick time. - Caroline Collins, Pennard Vets

PetsApp Widget

With the addition of PetsApp Web, pet owners can now enjoy the app experience on their desktop computers. This widens the access to your veterinary expertise exponentially.

PetsApp Web & Mobile

This improvement unlocks a huge amount of value for your clinic. Veterinary expertise is now made even easier for pet owners.

Pet owners don’t have to wait on phone lines for simple administrative tasks, giving your team the luxury of increased time to focus on delivering a quality customer experience. Plus, your customers now have more choice than ever to contact you in a way that suits them.

The great news is, we're only getting started and there's much more to come from the PetsApp Pack in the coming weeks and months.

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