The Irresistible Magic of Storytelling

From the dawn of the caveman, humans have used storytelling as a way to connect, inspire, and empower. It’s hardwired into our DNA! Yet when it comes to interacting with our clients, we’re taught that educating means presenting facts, data, and recommendations. We all have a story, and veterinarians have some of the best ones of all. So why aren’t we using this powerful tool to better serve our clients and patients?

In this webinar, I’ll talk a little about my journey as a writer and how that helped me unlock one of the most powerful tools we have as clinicians. Understanding the story of veterinary medicine and the story of your clients is the secret tool that will help you better relate to your clients, create better branding, and build a trusting relationship that can vanquish the spectre of Dr. Google once and for all!

Jessica V Speaker

Speaker Biography

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is a veterinarian, bestselling author, and communications consultant from San Diego, California. As the founder of Pawcurious Media back in 2009, she was one of the first veterinarians to enter into the telehealth space and learn by trial and error how the internet was going to impact the profession. In that time she reached hundreds of thousands of pet owners around the world, wrote a bestselling memoir, and served as medical director for WhiskerDocs, a premier veterinary teletriage service. After a decade of writing and lecturing about client empowerment, she looks to virtual care as the next means to enhance the client-veterinary bond. In 2020 she launched the Veterinary Telemedicine Facebook Community and The Virtual Veterinarian. She currently sits on the boards of the Mark Morris Institute and the Veterinary Virtual Care Association.

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