The Great Veterinary Pub Quiz

Tuesday 9th February | 8pm GMT

Time to flex those trivia muscles - the op-paw-tunity to prove you're the top dog in veterinary has arrived. Hosted by Simon Howard - a virtual event expert and remote-gameshow host extraordinaire - the Great Veterinary Pub Quiz will allow groups to team up from the safety of their individual homes for free.

You’ll be tested on all the foundations that great pub quizzes are built on: sports, general knowledge, movies, music. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with new people outside of your home and workplace, and a way to prove that you're the smartest clinic in the land.

Register your name below, and we'll group you together by your clinic name (and if you sign up individually, we'll throw you in to a team too!) You can play together - socially distanced, using the magic of Zoom breakout rooms - and compete for the win.

The winning clinic will win an iPad for their clinic. (Just saying - an iPad is perfect to use PetsApp and carry out the perfect video consult...)

win an iPad

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