The 5 most common mistakes vet practice websites make - and how to fix them

Is your website working hard, or is it hardly working?

In this session, Justin will highlight the five most common mistakes made by veterinary practice websites right now. He’ll explain how these issues conspire to load more stress onto your already overstretched team, damaging the client experience and shattering productivity.

It’s meow or never

Justin will take time to show you exactly how you can fix each of these issues whether that’s by updating your current website or helping you decided if it’s time to invest in a new website.

Armed with some basic insight your website can be central to your practice, taking the strain off the phone, helping to recruit and retain clients and reaffirming your brand values. When built correctly it will empower your practice, facilitating communication with pet owners.

Reimagining the role of a practice website

A strong online presence centred around a successful website will have far reaching impacts on the performance of a practice. Practice growth can be ignited by a website built to engage new clients, educate existing clients about preventative health care, enhance team member engagement and support the brilliant work veterinary teams do in practice every day.

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Justin Phillips Pet Health Club Webinar Speaker

Justin Phillips

With 20 years of experience and award-winning roles at White Cross Vets and VetPartners under his belt, Justin founded Practice Made Purrfect in 2020, a marketing consultancy dedicated to helping veterinary practices to deliver the best service possible to their clients and patients.

He's passionate about the potential of marketing to inform and inspire, especially in the veterinary industry, volunteering as both a Veterinary Marketing Association judge and a Royal Veterinary College lecturer.

A proud pet parent to Maine Coon, Poppy Gabriella, he understands the bonds between owners and pets, and the key role vets play in their lives – something he believes underscores the importance that communication in the industry continues to improve.

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