Sustainability Within Your Veterinary Practice! 🍃

Session Summary:

Certified ethical hacker and Veterinary IT Expert Jack Peploe will highlight how to effectively practice sustainability within your veterinary practice. As one of the most trusted professionals, veterinarians have a social obligation to be perceived as seeking to operate sustainably. Everyone immediately associates this with waste reduction. However, there is so much more involved in being eco-friendly when dealing with any kind of medical practice. Whether it’s through stock inventory, energy efficiencies or adopting newer and greener technologies. Any veterinary practice can make a significant contribution to the larger subject of sustainability, by producing creative ways your practice can operate and promote a greener and more sustainable way of working.

Learning objectives:

  • Waste reduction and how to implement new ways of making this more efficient throughout your practice whilst ensuring these fundamental values are installed within your practice team.
  • How your practice can become more sustainable from the scrubs you wear to the energy supplier you use, enabling you to challenge your understanding how sustainable your practice currently is.
  • Educate you on newer and greener technologies available to your practice whilst covering the implications of not being up to date on these.
  • Inform you of applications available to boost sustainability efforts within your practice and how this allows for a boost in profits and productivity whilst supporting sustainable efforts across the board for your clients whilst providing top patient care.
  • We know that sustainability is a topic held dear to veterinarians everywhere, which is why we also know it’s important that you can ensure you are making the right sustainable choices for your practice so you can effectively practice sustainability within your veterinary practice.

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