Veterinary Startups: Ready, Set Up, Go 🏃 With Vet Station Molesey's Vanessa

You're considering taking the future into your own hands by setting up your own practice, but then what? Starting your own practice can be overwhelming, and maybe you need more clarity on potential hurdles and difficulties before taking the leap. So why not join the discussion with someone who could help you weigh up the pros and cons of a startup 💡 Vanessa will be sharing her inspiring talk on the journey of starting up her own practice and best tips on how to navigate your way to success. Afterall, the two main objectives of a veterinary startup is to provide a stellar service you're proud of, as well as running a business to achieve your ideal lifestyle.

We will discuss how she kickstarted her way into opening her own practice and how she approached Elisha to join her in this venture. She will provide tips on how to achieve profitability and things to consider while envisioning your next steps – a clear vision for your business, likely revenue and expenses, location and how to attract new clients to your practice. Things to think about when setting your own startup could be what are the costs involved, payroll, operations, hiring and pricing your services – we'll cover this all 💪

Key learning objectives:

💡 Why do startups make sense?

🏥 What are the benefits of starting your own practice?

🤔 What are the downsides, who is it not for?

Meet Vanessa Waite🥰

Vanessa's journey to becoming a vet began as a 5 year old, in the beautiful Rhondda Valleys in South Wales after a family of cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs with occasional sheep wandered into her garden. After 6 gruelling years at Cambridge University, she graduated as a vet in 2008.

Since then, she has worked all over Greater London as a small animal vet, never stopping her studies and achieved her surgery certificate a few years after qualifying. She now has certifications in diagnostic imaging and veterinary business management.

Initially starting as a veterinary surgeon 13 years ago, she then set up her own startup practice in East Molesey, Surrey. She runs this alongside her husband (director) and partner Elisha, who has 10 years experience in veterinary nursing. Her practice has proven successful with patients travelling from all over the country as she is able to do everything in general practice. This is reflected in her 4.8 rating online as well as being one of the top-rated clinics on PetsApp.

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