Say goodbye to paper forms and calls with our innovative wellness plans

PetsApp Wellness Plans have been designed from the ground up with current and future pet owner needs and behaviours in mind. We recognized the current demographic profiles of pet owners and their spending habits. For example, it’s clear that the majority of pet ownership is held by Millennials, and that Millennials spend 29% more on their pets than other groups. So we needed to make sure the feature spoke to the audience most likely to be the ones adopting the feature at their local veterinary clinic.

PetsApp wellness plans do away with the need for paper forms or using the phone for signup, verification or any other purpose that may distract you from what you do best. Helping patients.

In 4 easy steps, all taken online, your clients could be benefiting from joining your wellness plan.

  1. Client signs in or provides their details
  2. The client adds their pets details
  3. The client chooses a plan and subscribes
  4. Direct debit details are provided by the client

And that's it. They're all signed up to your wellness plan and subscription payments will be taken within 5 working days from the date they signed up. It's as easy as that.

Speak to the PetsApp pack to find out how you can keep you clients for longer - it makes business sense too.

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