Veterinary Pricing For Success: Proven Pricing & Charging Strategies For Your Clinic 🔥

A successful pricing strategy is crucial for any business, and James Bigglestone's data-driven approach considers the actual costs of running your practice to develop fair fees for professional services.

In this webinar, we’ll explore valuing yourself and your team to create fees based on what you do, not just what you sell. The aim is to create a pricing strategy that maximises revenue while maintaining quality of care.

If you’re tired of guesswork and inconsistent pricing, let’s work together to develop a strategy that works for you.

Key learning objectives:

🐩 What it actually costs a practice to put a vet in a room for 15 minutes

🦧 The importance of a fee strategy based on charging fairly for what we do rather than reliance upon what we sell

🍄 How to put a value on yourselves as a veterinary professional and your highly skilled and capable team

Let's meet Dr James Bigglestone 🐳

As an experienced business strategy expert with over 25 years in the veterinary industry, I have owned and developed several successful veterinary practices in North Wales. My specialty is in utilizing data analysis to create innovative business strategies, particularly in developing pricing and charging models that drive success in the veterinary industry.

Currently, I am working on developing novel pricing and charging strategies that will radically restructure the current veterinary business model to rebalance fee income. I have extensive experience in team building, performance management, stakeholder engagement, P&L management, business transformation, risk assessment and assurance, and change management.

I am also skilled at mentoring and developing staff to take on more senior roles within organizations. My ultimate goal is to help businesses achieve their goals and reach new heights of success by leveraging my deep expertise and experience in the veterinary industry.

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