PetsApp Community Yoga, 21st January - with VetYogi, Chloe Hannigan

Join PetsApp & VetYogi in a Thursday morning session aimed at introducing a little calm to your routine - 30 minutes of light exercise and stretches that will set you up for success.

This session is designed to be family-friendly, and any young ones going a little stir-crazy from being cooped up are encouraged to join us.

Class Teacher

Chloe Hannigan

In a time when self-care and mental health awareness are much needed amongst the veterinary community, we need to find methods of coping and thriving. Who better to know what is relevant than another veterinary professional? We want to share realistic and evidence-based ways of what has worked for us in the hope it will help you and your colleagues.

VetYogi was born in 2017 to provide yoga services designed by a veterinary professional, for veterinary! Since its conception, we have taught group and private yoga classes for veterinary professionals, run yoga and meditation retreats in NZ for vets and nurses, and have appeared at some UK veterinary conferences including the London Vet Show 2019 and WellVet Weekend 2018/2019, delivered webinars, written for some UK veterinary publications such as the Vet Record, and facilitated veterinary practice wellbeing workshops tailored to individual teams.

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