Leading by Listening - the role of the servant leader

Session summary

Traditionally, vets have held leadership roles by default and sometimes, without the necessary training to lead. Learn about how leading is

  • by listening and not talking
  • serving others, not being served by others
  • a privilege and not an entitlement
  • more about leading yourself than leading others

Find out the scariest yet the most valuable thing you can do as a leader to grow yourself while growing your organisation.

About Dr Lennon Foo

Dr Lennon Foo BVetMed GPCert(SAM) MRCVS founded Amity Vets whose core purpose is Empowering You Through Education. Despite veterinary medicine being extremely scientific, he believes it should extend further than merely treating animals. It should include and embrace the unique beauty of the bond between pets and their guardians.

Dr Lennon Foo is a practising vet for more than 15 years. He has an advanced certificate in Small Animal Medicine and loves surgery. He is especially interested in acupuncture, keyhole surgery and exotic pets. His passion lies in Embracing Humanity through Veterinary Medicine. He helps others to find their genius in themselves and to realise the power within. He is also a well-established public speaker and runs a YouTube channel (Dr Lennon Foo at Amity), providing tips for you to understand more about your pets and the veterinary profession.

His book ‘Is my Vet for Real? – How to build the best relationship and get the most out of your vet so your pet wins! Finally, the secrets revealed’ has helped numerous pet guardians to overcome their fear and become their pet’s hero. His second book 'Natural Power' has inspired many others to discover the better versions of themselves.

Salsa dancing, roller skating and capoeira make up his non-veterinary pursuits.

He lives in Devon, UK with his family.

Find out more about Dr Foo at www.drlennonfoo.com

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