Keep clients for longer with wellness plans

Whether you call them wellness plans, health plans or prevention plans, they are fantastic ways to improve client loyalty by regularly engaging with them and their pets. Allowing you to better advocate for the patient and ensure treatment compliance.

Unfortunately, wellness plan adoption is never at the heights many would like. The typical wellness plan adoption within a clinic is 25% of their patient population and that means the opportunities to reduce the chance of client churn is lower than many would like.

One reason comes down to perceived value in the eyes of the pet owner. Preventative care is a major way to reduce the likelihood of a more severe illness "popping up" unexpectedly for the pet owner which inevitably ends up costing much more than the regular monthly charge. Another reason why wellness plan adoption may be lower than many veterinary practice owners would like is because of a lack of engagement between the client and the clinic.

But that’s not all. You already know that you can improve your monthly recurring and predictable revenue through the use of wellness plans, but did you know that according to one case study, “How Wellness Plans Grow Veterinary Practice,” clients who participated in wellness plans went from a mean of 3.3 visits a year before enrollment to 5.5 visits a year after enrollment. That’s a notable increase in the potential lifetime value of the patient and gives the veterinary team even more opportunities to provide those all important veterinary recommendations.

Through PetsApp you can easily remind your clients of the benefits of your wellness plan and engage with them in ways only available with PetsApp.

  • 2-way SMS
  • PetsApp Campaigns
  • PetsApp Web Widget
  • In-clinic PetsApp marketing support

With the incredibly easy signup process coupled with PetsApp's powerful features, you will find that your wellness plan usage increases by as much as 35% - leading to healthier patients and happier clients.

Speak to the PetsApp pack to find out how you can keep your clients for longer - it makes business sense too.

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