Webinar - Is Your Business a Cat or a Dog?

Mutability has been front of mind recently as we have been confronted with the new coronavirus variant. However, borrowing from the wit and wisdom of John Cleese, Jeff Bezos and Percy Bysshe Shelley, I want to persuade you that mutability is at least as much the solution as it is the problem. Particularly for your business.

To do this we take a behavioural ecology approach to business strategy, and look to bacteria for their advice on how we can best respond to a rapidly changing environment. We ponder why the likes of Xerox, Kodak and Blockbuster failed while Apple and Netflix made a feast of their remains. And, yes, we seek to answer the most important question you may never have thought to ask: is your business a cat or a dog?

Thom Cat Dog Speaker

Speaker Biography

Thom Jenkins - CEO & Founder, PetsApp

Thom Jenkins, a veterinarian by training, is the Co-Founder and CEO of PetsApp. Many years ago now, he graduated with a first class degree in Zoology from the University of Cambridge, explaining his propensity for liberally applying overwrought biological analogies to the field of business strategy. Thom also completed the Executive Program for Growing Companies at Stanford University where he met Professor Burgelman, whose work "Strategy is Destiny" only encouraged him in his pursuit of a new modern synthesis.

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