How to grow your wellness plan usage

When the PetsApp pack started designing its wellness plan feature, the very first considerations were around how this feature would allow their business to grow through better usage and adoption of their patient wellness plans.

Three important questions needed to be satisfied before we could consider asking clients to use it:

  • Is it super easy for a pet owner to join?
  • Will it fully integrate with PetsApp and take advantage of all the ways PetsApp allows teams to engage with their clients?
  • Does it remove the need for any heavily lifting from the already stretched teams?

Once satisfied that we successfully delivered on these objectives, we set about understanding the real world impact our wellness plans coupled with PetsApp are having on practices.

When considering that the average wellness plan adoption is around 25% of the patient population. That’s pretty good, but not great when considering the positive impact wellness plans can have on a veterinary practice’s bottom line.

PetsApp’s data suggests that when using the simple PetsApp Wellness Plan product alongside PetsApp industry leading client engagement platform, practices see a 35% increase on top of the 25% typical usage. That would mean more than $7,000 additional monthly revenue for the practice. Now when we looked at clinics that are starting their wellness plan program with PetsApp from scratch, we saw an increase of at least $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

Speak to the PetsApp pack to find out how you can keep you clients for longer - it makes business sense too.

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