Veterinary Secrets: How to boost happiness & performance in the clinic 🌞


Boost your happiness and performance at work & home

Life is a rollercoaster. There are so many challenges facing us every day from work related stress, family responsibilities to health issues. Burnout, anxiety and overwhelm are happening at an alarming rate.

Most people wake up and go straight into auto pilot mode. The impact of this over time can be devastating.

It is critical now more than ever for both leaders and employees to recognise and practise the daily habits that positively impact our lives resulting in better health, performance, and greater happiness.

Learning Objectives

🔍 Identify the impact that your habits have on your motivation, happiness, and success

🪞 Increase your self awareness

😊 Establish how you can make small, simple changes to daily habits that increase happiness and performance professionally & personally

Meet Kat Thorne

Founder & Director, The Morning GameChanger

Kat is a qualified teacher with over 15 years of teaching and consulting experience working across EdTech, both in the public and private sector. She has led, coached and mentored teams as UK Director, to entire international teams in her role as Global Commercial Manager.

Despite appearing 'successful' on the outside, she paid a heavy ‘life’ price. In 2016, her whole world collapsed. She had developed a series of habits that destroyed her health, relationship and career. She suffered a severe breakdown and lost everything. In the middle of this she got headhunted for her first CEO role. As she rebuilt herself by changing her habits, she set herself a new challenge. To have it all. A successful career and a happy life.

She created a powerful morning routine, rock solid boundaries and exercised daily for the first time in her life.

As an international speaker and consultant, she works with organisations around the world to improve employee wellbeing. She teaches positive habits to increase mental and physical performance.

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