How Do We Power Up? 🚀

Session Summary

We all want great, cohesive teams, but where do we start?

A simple definition of workplace culture is whatever people learn from other people, especially by interacting with them.

By knowing our purpose, our strengths and creating a sense of community, belonging and vulnerability, we can begin to craft a workplace where we thrive.

This can, in turn, lead to psychological safety, which Google recently showed to be the number one predictor of successful teams.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Define purpose, calling mindset and the concept of Ikigai
  • Assess character strengths, discovering our signature strengths
  • Take VIA Character Strengths assessment
  • Learn the importance of strengths work to wellbeing and performance
  • Learn the importance of vulnerability
  • Understand what is meant by psychological safety
  • Learn the importance of high-quality connections (HQCs)

So who is Dr Phil Richmond?

Dr. Richmond is the Founder & CEO of Flourishing Phoenix Veterinary Consultants and practicing medical director of a small animal hospital in New Port Richey, Florida. He is passionate about positive culture and wellbeing in veterinary workplaces. He holds multiple certifications in the fields of applied positive psychology, workplace wellbeing, psychological health & safety, resilience training, behavior change, and suicide prevention.

Dr. Richmond is involved in several current state and national initiatives to improve wellbeing in veterinary medicine—including the VMAE Wellbeing Committee, FVMA Wellbeing Committee, the CDC/NIOSH NORA Healthcare & Social Assistance Council, the MentorVet advisory board.

He was awarded the FVMA Gold Star & FVMA Veterinarian of the Year. 🏆

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