Good for the Planet, Great for Business: The Business Case for Sustainability

Talk summary

Do you know the carbon footprint of your Veterinary Practice? It may be more than you think…

Now more than ever the climate crisis is front page news with net zero targets and international agreements taking centre stage. There is no time to waste, it’s estimated we have just 10 years to turn the tide and prevent irreversible damage from climate change. We know that carbon emissions are the primary driver of climate change and reducing our own and our businesses carbon emissions is the most essential step that we can take to limit the damage and live within the means of our planet.

As more businesses start to respond to the climate emergency, a growing number of veterinary teams are turning to carbon reduction and offsetting strategies to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and reducing their own carbon footprint.

Taking action on your future sustainability isn’t just the right thing to do; the financial opportunities of a robust carbon management scheme are clear, with efficiencies and improvements delivering an attractive ROI, and an increase in client loyalty. Pet owners are now wanting to support businesses that are taking responsibility for their own carbon footprint and investing in the future.

In this webinar, Chantelle will show you why your carbon emissions matter and how you can take control of them. We will look at the role of carbon offsetting and it’s pro’s and con’s in carbon reduction, and cover the tangible business benefits your practice can enjoy whilst reducing your environmental impact.

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